“Hypnos represents the mind of the white Buddha Vairocana (ether element) who has his equivalent in the Hindu god Brahma and his different Nirvana-levels. What a coincidence between three world religions! To break the magical circle of death and rebirth, it is a main goal of Buddhist psychology to merge one’s mind completely with the Clear Light!”


by Tigerlily:

Here’s my story: I’m a musician – singer, songwriter/composer, and I play the piano and guitar, and a few other instruments.

Music/artisitic ability combined with powerful themes of magick, power and trance-inducing is quite prominent in my chart:

My Scorpio Neptune/MC conjunction is the tightest aspect in my chart. (Neptune rules Music and other Artistic endeavors.) Also conjunct my Neptune/MC are Orpheus (the son of the Greek Muse Calliope and Apollo, the Greek God of Music – Orpheus was the greatest musician and poet of Greek myth and had the ability to “charm” and hypnotise with his singing and music) and Draconic Euterpe (the Greek Muse of Music). Trining that stellium is Hypnos.

Other important placements in my chart relating to the theme of Music and Art combined with Magick, power and trance-inducement: my Cancer Sun and Mercury are conjunct Apollo (Greek God of Music), Sappho (Greek Goddess of poetry and lyrics), Forte, Thule, Draconic Samadhi, Draconic Beethoven, and my NNode/MC midpoint; and that stellium trines my Pisces Pallas and Draconic Kalliope. My Virgo Moon and S Node are conjunct Musa and Draconic Nada (Nada represents OM, the “music of the spheres” or Divine Music). My Gemini Karma is conjunct Hathor (Egyptian Goddess of Music), Sekhmet, and Varuna (Supreme Vedic God of the Cosmos; can also indicate immortality through fame and/or noteriety) – this Karma/Hathor/Sekhmet/Varuna placement scares me because I have a huge fear of fame and I’ve had a taste of it so I really know I don’t want to be “famous”. My Leo DNA is conjunct Venus, Dark Moon Lilith, Draconic asteroid Lilith, Draconic Iris (Greek Goddess of the Rainbow; Messenger), Draconic Hypnos, Draconic Picasso, and my NNode/ASC midpoint; that stellium trines a conjuction of Draconic Neptune, Draconic MC and Draconic Orpheus in Sagittarius. I also have a Grand Trine of Mars, Melpomyne (The name means “the songstress” – she is the Greek Muse of tragedy (theater) and chanting) and my arabic Part of Art in Cancer.

My whole life was once devoted to music, particularly to singing, playing the piano, and composing. I lived Music, I breathed it, I was it. When I was younger I trained vocally for several years and also studied at Tanglewood one summer with the Boston Symphony in the Singers/Vocal program. When I sing and play my music people tell me (and show me) it takes them to a trance state. Indeed, I have literally had such an extreme reaction by others to my singing and my music that it freaked me out and I gave it all up for several years (and am only now slowly getting back into it, now that I can put it out there anonymously, via the internet – on MySpace as an anonymous “band”, for example – and therefore avoid people’s extreme reactions).

Besides being a musician/singer, I’m also an artist – painting, fine art photography and jewelry design ( you can see some of my art and photography at www.kimberlydickinson.com and at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tigerlily7007/sets/ ).

Anyway, in regards to Hypnos, I’ve always interpreted it to be an indicator of the ability for hypnosis, trance, trance-inducement, and psychic dreams. Hypnos trine all those music-themed planets and asteroids has definitely reflected the hypnotic and trance-inducing effect my music and singing had on others.

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