What exactly does it mean?


Venus-Black Moon conjunction: Black Moon adds depth and originality to Venus. On one level, the combination can be excellent. Venus has several wonderful sides, but by itself can sometimes be superficial. From that point of view, it can only benefit from the exacting influence of Black Moon, and of its need for ideal, absolute and perfection. This can lead to powerful realisations, not only in the field of arts, but also in several other professional activities – provided they can be an outlet for your creativity. (Black Moon does enhance the creative side of Venus. In many cases, it also adds a metaphysical dimension to it.) Because the need for perfection can be extreme, you must make sure that it does not become paralysing (as in the case of people who prefer to refrain from relationships rather than being with someone who is not the absolute perfect match, or people who prefer to create nothing rather than run the risk of creating something imperfect). Venus, planet of desire, can also be taken deep down into the unconscious realms of Black Moon -Lilith. Thus Venus – Black Moon aspects have a number of points in common with Venus – Pluto aspects. At their maximum, they can lead to devouring desires and passions. They can also cause the native to be magnetically attracted to dangerous people or situations. In particular, carefully watch who enters your life at the time of a return of Lilith (transiting Black Moon conjunct to native Black Moon). The person is likely to move something deep in your unconscious mind and have a profound impact on your belief system and your values, which could result in significant changes in your life.


Answered about 6 years ago
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