What exactly does it mean?


I see Lilith as the wild feminine, and so with Venus it affects one’s value system and how one relates to others. Also what kinds of people are valued and are desired to be around. Since we live in a society that is afraid of Lilith and unsure how to honor the wild feminine within people and the natural world (look at how we treat the Earth, as an example), Lilith with Venus can seem a really hard row to hoe, emotionally.

The trick is to honor Lilith within yourself not as a demon or something to be feared, but as the natural wild – which cannot at times be controlled, and which is a bit erratic in its natural state. Honor this within you and you’ll be able to attract others who can hang with Lilith and not demonize her (=you!). Also, you have to be willing to say “no thank you” to others who try to control you or shame you for being your natural, wild self.

When I talk about wild, I mean that your animal nature and instinct are honored. We’re taught that whatever the mind cannot control is bad, and this is why Lilith gets a bad rap. The truth is that without our lower chakras, we’re less than alive! So we need the visceral, physical, hot, passionate edge that Lilith brings in us when healthy.

Regarding the wild of Lilith, with Venus she brings an intense sense of what other people are really about, regardless of how they are on paper. Your sense of smell and your chakras will suss out people’s true motivations. It’s super important for you to honor your visceral read of people – trust your instinct no matter what someone says about him- or herself.

Peace to you, Tom Jacobs

Answered almost 6 years ago
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over 5 years ago mary helms said:

Can you be more specific about the ‘wild feminine’? It seems like such a general term.