What exactly does it mean?


Hi Mike, Sure. I mean instinct and information that comes from/through the body. Breaking down masculine and feminine independent of gender, masculine does and feminine is. We spend a lot of time in our heads and letting mind run things, which opens the door for the masculine side of us (regardless of gender) to try to shape, direct, and control our experience. But there’s more to us than minds. Our bodies are always reacting to what our minds are choosing.

The “wild feminine” I refer to in a person generates the changeable and changing feedback from instinct about what is happening in our lives. One way to look at this through Lilith is that our bodies are constantly giving us feedback about our choices. What foods we eat, what people we want to interact with, how we feel about our work and everything else – the physical body communicates how our experiences and choices work for us. Last week I released a book called “Lilith: Healing the Wild” that tells the whole story through myth/archetype and the astrology of Lilith. It’s available through my site tdjacobs.com, Amazon, Kindle, and elsewhere if you’re interested. Peace, Tom

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