A planet conjunct Ascendant & physical appearance?


A planet conjunct Ascendant & physical appearance?


Here Libra rising with the Sun and the Moon on ascendant: Image Alt Text

The beauty associated with this ascendant is apparent immediately. Refined features, delicate countenance, and perhaps a dimple or two are dead giveaways. The texture of the skin is velvety smooth; and the disposition is usually as pleasant as the appearance is lovely. Men with this ascendant are particularly handsome and charming. The manner of dress is always neat and clean. You will rarely find a Libra rising whose appearance is sloppy, even when he is totally relaxed and off-guard. Good taste seems to be an inborn trait. Subtle scent, a love of jewellery, and tasteful combinations of color can also be characteristic of this ascendant. The graciousness and sense of diplomacy are as much a part of his beauty as his appearance. A sense of harmony that never quite disappears surrounds this person. He rarely loses his charm. Social graces come naturally to him. No matter what the circumstances of his birth, he possesses a quality of refinement, an appearance of culture, and a gentleness of manner.


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Here a picture of Ginger Rogers with Pluto on Ascendant.

One words sums it up: Charisma Image Alt Text

many more illustrated examples: http://www.linda-goodman.com/ubb/Forum24/HTML/206547.html

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Sun – adds height/weight and a big broad smile.

Moon – has a round, “moony” type of face.

Mercury – adds height and a pointed chin.

Venus – attractive, beautiful complexion and may have dimpled cheeks or cleft in chin.

Mars – sometimes hair is reddish or auburn. Pimples or scars on the face, may also have a ruddy complexion or sometimes a receding hair line prone to baldness.

Jupiter – adds height and girth.

Saturn – shorter, thinness, bonier.

Urarnus – makes a person look totally unlike what you expected!

Neptune – Makes a person take on an aura of glamour or mystery. Eyes are large, liquid and beautiful. Could suffer from fluid retention. A “chameleon” type of person.

Pluto – Intensifies and accentuates everything. Eyes are green or some other improbably color. Flowing hair or beard of mustache. Likes to wear dark sunglasses.

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Great & very affordable book on Ascendants by Sophia Mason: You and Your Ascendant

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