Astrology of a mother and daughter relationship?


Where in my mother’s chart can I find her attitude and behavior towards parenting? Thnaks.


You should look at your mothers fifth house. What sign, what planets, what aspects? Then look at her Moon and Venus contacts, compare them to yours, and find out if they make any synastry aspects between the two of you. It’s also to do composite chart, to see where your midpoint meet. Whatever you find – you can post it here and we’ll explore it further.

Here an example of looking at mother-daughter relationship through a composite chart:

“I have drawn up a composite chart for my mother and I and the odd thing that strikes me is that we have venus in the 12th House. alittle odd for a parental relationship huh? We have had more than our share of difficult moments. I wonder if anything else in particular stands out that i’m just not getting.

It’s like she has always been a better parent to others and found it difficult to love me.you know, buying all the other kids and ice cream and leaving you out.( it really was alot worse than this) I understand that at 35 I should be getting over this now… is there a reason i’m just not picking up?

Sadly, due to this lack of motherly love, I have wished that friends parents were mine, i was theirs and so on. however, it’s like I act very needy waiting for the sligtest drop of affection. I don’t trust anyone and have never ever been secure that someone loved me.wanted to sleep with me yes but, never really loved me. I want to understand & release these dynamics from my life."

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There is also an astrological book only on this topic. It’s called

“Healing Mother-Daughter Relationships with Astrology”

by Zipporah Pottenger-Dobyns (passed away in the year when it was published) and her daughter Maritha Pottenger

Here the Amazon review:

It offers a unique way for female astrology buffs to connect with their family members. Techniques, analytical tools, psychological insights, charts, step-by-step instructions for astrological extrapolations and more fill the pages of this unique, enjoyable, and highly recommended contribution to personal and professional Astrology Studies reference collections and Metaphysical Studies reading lists.

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