Black Moon Lilith conjunct Uranus?


What does it mean in this chart. Thanks! Image Alt Text


This aspect means you’re a rebel. Your chart indicates that you have a higher level of understanding of the role of sex as an emotionally li-brating experience. If your partner doesn’t understand that, the misunderstanding can create a deep emotional disconnec-tion. Also, you expect more from yourself than is realistic, then react to your shortcomings with guilt driven service to others and deep expression of overly sympathetic feelings.

This aspect is tied to nearby Venus also giving you possibly psychic impulses which can indicate dormant healing powers. If your co-workers sometimes see you as “crazy” and lacking flexi-bility (6th house of work placement), it will be Lilith’s influence at work. It will not be of a major consequence, since with Venus in 6th, you are irreplaceable worker and people will buy into your occasional creative anarchic states. This combo can give you occasional health scares which will be best remedied with a diet consisting of raw and unprocessed food. “Raw” is another good keyword for Lilith btw.

Hope this helps a bit.

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