Born under the void of course moon?


What does it mean for a person and how do you find if your moon was void of course? Thanks.


The period known as the Void of Course Moon begins when it has made the last aspect in the sign it’s in until the Moon makes ingress to the next sign.

There are three articles you may want to read for a better understanding of this “phenomenon” known as the Void of Course Moon. The first is especially worth noting, but take time to read all three:

Aquarius Papers – “The Void of Course Moon”


The Mountain Astrologer – “Understanding the Void-of-Course Moon”


NCGR NYC – “THE MOON WAS VOID, OF COURSE! or How Not to Write an Article”


For me, I think there’s much to be studied here, but I’m not inclined to stop everything till the Moon moves to the next sign while I debate about what’s coming next. I haven’t explored this enough to make solid conclusions about the VOC Moon. There’s not that much of quality written on the subject as there should or could be. That tells me, personally, that we have much still to learn. So I’ll take my sweet time and go slowly as I weigh out the various observations before I decide what’s right or wrong for me to note. I’m inclined to say it’s wise for anyone curious enough about this to take time to decide whether the VOC Moon is right for him/her to note—or not.

Hope that helps.

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