Can you find out from a horoscope chart if someone is gay or not?


Can you find out from a horoscope chart if someone is gay or not?


According to G.H. Bailey about 100 years ago, the determination of the Prenatal Epoch and any potential rectification had to be based on certain factors showing as they related to male or female births; however, such a technique doesn’t take into any form of consideration the potential for what might have been considered an anomaly of birth related to gender preference.

As an example, and not to do more than showing the point I’m about to make, I performed a very small sampling of 28 of my clients or the charts of well-known politicians and/or celebrities, most of whom have accurate birth times and only a few with a time less certain but not in any way appearing to affect the sample based on Sun-Neptune hard aspects as shown it the response by Wanderlust and updated by Cass. If I did not know the gender preference by direct contact knowledge, I trusted that public information was accurate although I referenced AstroDataBank with the well-known names. Here are my results:

Not known to be gay

1) President George W. Bush – Sun-Neptune square

2) client who is straight and a musician (among other extraordinary gifts) – Sun-Neptune square

3) President Gerald Ford – Sun-Neptune conjunction

4) Mohandas Gandhi – Sun-Neptune opposition

5) Newt Gingrich – Sun-Neptune square

6) client who is straight and very spiritually oriented – Sun-Neptune conjunction

7) Adolf Hitler – Sun-Neptune semisextile

8) Angelina Jolie – Sun-Neptune opposition

9) straight doctor who works with gays as patients and believes they should be treated honestly, openly and fairly – Sun-Neptune opposition

10) John McCain – T-square: Sun-Neptune conjunction in opposition to Saturn in square to Jupiter

11) Paul Newman – Sun quindecile Neptune

12) President Richard M. Nixon – Sun-Neptune opposition

13) President Barack Obama – Sun-Neptune square

14) Elizabeth Taylor – Sun-Neptune opposition

15) client, highly religious – Sun-Neptune square

16) client, Moon-Neptune square, no hard Sun-Neptune aspect

17) client, Sun-Neptune square, brother of above

18) client, Sun-Neptune conjunction

19) client, Sun-Neptune as part of a stellium

20) client, Moon-Neptune exact conjunction, no hard Sun-Neptune aspect

21) client, Moon-Neptune exact conjunction, no hard Sun-Neptune aspect

22) client, Sun-Neptune semisextile


1) Sun-Neptune semisextile, Mars-Neptune tight conjunction

2) Sun-Neptune square (gets along well with father, not with mother)

3) Sun-Neptune semisextile

4) Full Moon in wide square to Neptune

5) Sun quindecile Neptune

6) Rock Hudson – Sun tightly square to Neptune

That speaks loudly to me. Until there’s a clear understanding that the cosmos offers a consistent aspect or series of aspects (don’t hold your breath, I doubt it will happen), you’re not going to be able to determine gender preference by a chart any more than you can with a clear rate of consistency which person will be an axe murderer, which will be a world-famous surgeon, and which one will become the wealthiest man in the world or a great inventor, etc. The Gauquelins did a lot of this in their work, but not about gender preference. This is similar to questions about the Full Moon and the birth of a child (versus insanity). Odd as this may seem, at least one pope of the Roman Catholic Church was born under a Full Moon…

There’s nothing to it. You cannot find out with any certainty even if you think you can.

Hope that helps.

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As a gay astrologer, I would love to do more research into this. This topic has been covered before, but I don’t feel like digging up the links. If you search for homosexuality in the main Astrology tribe as well as the Jyotish tribe, you may find some interesting discussions. The two theories I have heard:

  1. Masculine planets in feminine signs and vice versa gives gay tendencies. Seems to me this might have more to do with gender identity, which is related to but different from homosexuality. Anyway, in my case this theory works.

  2. In the 9th harmonic chart (navamsa in Vedic astrology), Saturn & Mercury in odd houses or in each other’s signs gives gay tendencies. This one is supposedly canceled by having a strong Jupiter in odd houses. Saturn & Mercury are the gay planets because they don’t procreate like the other planets, especially Venus & Jupiter, which represent wife and husband. Anyway, this method works in my case also!

As for needing everyone to be out to do research, I don’t think that’s true. Sure some people are not honest about their sexual orientation, but if you sample a large enough population, I think it’s safe to assume that most of the people who identify as gay are gay and most of the people who identify as straight are straight.

Once you do the research, then you can start outing people with their charts.

That last bit was a joke!


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I think Sun-Neptune aspects can be an indication of homosexuality. I’m not saying homosexuality has a cause, but I do think certain things can be more than a coincidence, and either way everyone feels differently about their sexuality. Someone with the Sun in hard aspect to Neptune may not have a strong relationship to their father. He may be illusive, they may not know him well, he may feel absent to them, even if he is in their lives daily. This could lead to issues with the relationship the individual has with the male archetype. Say the individual overcompensates for the lack. If it’s a female, she may prefer the dominant role in the relationship, and this could be taken as far as preferring another woman. Say the individual inherits the issues they feel their father has as their own. If it’s a male, he may look to other men to fill the void.

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For men:

Sun or moon in Libra with strongly aspected or dominant Venus.

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There was research conducted a few years ago where astrologers took a selection of 1,000 chrats of men who said they were gay and the findings were quite substantial astrologically. The masculine signs of fire were chiefly predominant, as was Scorpio and this appeared as ascendants too. The astrologers conducting the research expected feminine signs and houses or a focus on Gemini/Libra and surely Aquarius, the sign that seems to rule homosexuality. What they found was that Leo (the Sun) Sagittarius (Jupiter) and Scorpio (Mars, traditionally) were the signs most reflected in the charts. However, in male gay charts, either the Moon or Venus was always aspected against Uranus, that planet which defies the feminine energy and need for reproduction and turns it into a different form of creativity. Neptune played a role when aspecting Mars (opposition) and Pluto was found, beyond expected averages, either in the 7th or 9th houses, with the Sun being significantly represented in the 7th or 12th houses. The astrologers dtermined that the sexual houses were not aspected as much as was assumed, and indeed the reason for homosexuality appears to be spiritual.

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Interesting! You don’t have the name of this study and who did it by any chance?

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