Chiron in Aspect to the Moon


Barbara Hand Clow states, “Chiron aspecting the Moon means that the native will not be able to have any feelings unless the alchemical or spiritualized dimension is part of the feeling process.”

What does she mean by this?


She alludes to what she means in the beginning of that chapter, but she makes it much clearer in chapter 12, in the references to transits where she states that transits “allow” (my use of the word, not hers) the planet’s energy to be alchemized. When I consider this expression as well as the beginning of the chapter you’re in (9) and the quote you’ve offered, it says to me that she sees Chiron as the actual component for making it possible for the Moon to feel, which explains why the Moon is more intense, more sensitive, more mystical when in contact with Chiron. What impressed me in rereading that passage was her observation that the presence of Chiron in opposition to the Moon, rather than in conjunction, serves as the most powerful point; but it makes sense since it’s offering an energizing point that forces the Moon to respond in kind—more deeply, more sensitively, more intensely.

Hope that helps.

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over 3 years ago whattupdoc said:

If Chiron is the component that makes it possible for the moon chiron to feel would this mean that the person would emotionally wound itself in order to heal, or to feel, or must constantly be feeling pain and sensitivity along with feeling? Is that what it is smh

over 3 years ago youngmichelle said:

@aries one The following won’t directly answer in terms of Chiron and the Moon, but I think you’ll find the idea of Chiron being the Wounded Healer as the one focus that guides the native to the means of dealing with Chironic energy. We do wound ourselves in order to heal, but that’s not necessarily something that is pain-based. If anything, I would say it’s more about being sensitive to others. This is the area where I’d say we have the edge because of that sensitivity. If sensitivity is the defining factor, then perhaps we have an issue. I don’t find that to be true. For me, that so-called defining factor—sensitivity—is the propelling factor that guides us to those we can help, or the ways in which we need to heal. I don’t see that as a constant pain at all. I see it as a drive. Here’s the URL: http://www.astroknowlogy.com/questions/what-is-demi-s-wound

over 3 years ago whattupdoc said:

@youngmichelle oh ok so wounded doesn’t have to mean pain but more like sensitivity drive thank you :]

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