Chiron transit conjunct natal Venus?


How does this aspect relate to the current relationship? The natal Venus is in the 5th house. Thanks.


There is a chance you will fall in love with someone else. But you will feel like it’s making you sick – because at that time you won’t be able to expose yourself to vulnerability. You have already much work with your own “wounds”. You cannot deal with breakups.

Ideally you will search and find a place (within yourself) of healing and tranquility. This place will also engage you creatively. This is my suggestion: Regard this as an opportunity and stay pro-active. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to start teaching at this time or take some courses which will bring you into a teaching position – because you will feel that urge to share what hurts us and what makes us whole.

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I like it how Martin Lass puts it here:

Chiron-conjunct-Venus initially indicates a deep longing, a deep sense of being cut off from close personal relationship, a feeling that there is not enough love to fill the void within us.This aspect confers enormous empathy and sympathy for others in emotional need.The impulse to try to rescue others, to wrap them in cotton wool, so to speak, is highly evident here.

As we attend to our Wounds, blockages and unresolved issues, this aspect will increasingly give us an awareness of the Love that is within us and around us in our lives, but that we mostly do not see or acknowledge.In this way, we are increasingly able to share our Love with others in a way that 1) does not seek to rescue them, protect them and/or ‘fix’ their lives, 2) does not necessitate emotional dependence on others and 3) does not involve trying to plug our umbilical cords into others.Ultimately, we will merely seek to Love Unconditionally, knowing that Love is the greatest Healer.

This aspect can indicate a high degree of Healing ability and focus and is a welcome addition to the charts of those interesting in pursuing Healing as part of their life’s path and purpose.

In any case, whether we call it Healing or not, those with this aspect will have a Healing effect upon those they are around and upon those that they share their innermost feelings with.It may be in a verbal form.It may be in a musical form.It may be in some other form altogether.Whatever the case may be, these people will have a certain inexplicable attractiveness that compels us to wish to be around them and/or their creations and expressions.In short, they reflect our own Woundedness and the possibility for our own Healing.Having said this, however, being around certain types with this aspect can become high maintenance after a time.

Noted persons that share this conjunction include Jacques Louis Demy (French film director, renowned for his romantic films), Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Judith Durham (the Seekers), Henry Winkler, John Williamson (gentle Australian country songwriter and singer), Burt Bacharach, and Kevin Kline.The last three have occultations of Chiron and Venus.

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