Chiron transiting my 3th House in Pisces?


It’s opposite Venus in Virgo in the 9th House. Thanks.


Any of these possible scenarios can happen:

  1. You become obsessed with a sick person in your neighborhood. While helping you learn about this asthma like disease.
  2. Your sibling develops a strange condition and again while helping you learn. The disease may be even based on gender confusion.
  3. You yourself develop a condition that makes it occasionally heard to breath. After a year, you have mastered everything about how to protect your lungs and have clear thoughts.

Embrace the Chiron experience.

Here some articles on Chiron:

Chiron gets its name from Chiros, having to do with time. Chiron in the third house moves us into the 5th dimension where time is no longer limited by Saturn and chronological time. Gemini ruled Third house needs the freedom to move freely in the atmosphere, not attached to anything or anyone which restricts its freedom. At the same time, it is able to focus intently on any and all bits of information for only a short amount of time. Chiron here moves us into the 5th dimension where time can be longer or shorter in the NOW or totally ignored. It is from Gemini and the Third House that we find a way to ignore age at least for temporary moments. Chiron here increases those opportunities.

Judgments are more involved with understanding rather than tabulating the elements or number of items involved. You may be impossible to pin down but also very opinionated with a logic which may not be decipherable. You also cannot change just one thing. You must take in the whole picture. It might seem with all these considerations no decision could be made.


Chiron opposite Venus creates a receptivity to the alchemical nature of Venus which is almost overpowering. The native is completely receptive and open to others, and unless great control is indicated in the chart by other planetary positions and aspects, he or she is very nervous. This native is alluring, often seems to be from another planet, and often has unusual intuitive understanding of the esoteric because of the ancient occult connection with Venus. The orbit of Chiron is very elliptical, and many researchers, including Velikovsky, have brought forth much evidence of a severe disbalancing of the orbit of Venus around 1500 B.C., when I believe Chiron died. Many of the most hidden teachings are connected to such theories which relate Venus to catastrophic cycles already discussed in Chapter Two. Venus rules eros, the feminine receptive power to uranian kundalini energy. The teachings involve opening ourselves to this energy and the experience is chaotic to some degree. Since receptivity in consciousness is strongly related to the level of fear in the psyche of any individual, many researchers, including myself, believe there is great collective amnesia about a catastrophe involving Venus around 1500 B.C.. This can manifest as a dissociative anxiety complex which attaches itself to any potential fear in the environment. Esoteric mastery training investigates the secrets of Venus eventually, and much of this training has to do with breaking through fear. Now with research on Chiron and the coming work on Nibiru, the awareness of the relation of the 1500 B.C. catastrophe to Venus, Chiron, and Nibiru will grow. And natives with Chiron opposite Venus will have a primary ability to understand this deep level of the occult. Aleister Crowley, master occult wizard, with Chiron opposite Venus, is a great example of this dynamic.


Very commonly with this transits, you deal with others doubting your character in your love life, and you could feel like you’re forced into a position of proving yourself. Your first reaction is to do just that prove yourself to a partner or lover. However, you eventually realize how fruitless this effort is. Others are likely to interpret this effort as weakness, and this can only exacerbate the problem. Eventually, you need to learn to stand up for yourself by not falling into a pattern where you are essentially “sucking up” to people you love, or who are supposed to love you. Ideally, you recognize that stepping back and letting your character speak for itself will earn you far more respect, as well as self-respect. There is no forcing matters, even if that’s your first instinct. It can be a time of discreditation, when a lover or partner fails to see your value, or at its worse, sees you as a liability, and overall you “look bad”. Try your best not to get caught up in a downward spiral of trying too hard to make the people you love return that love, or of trying to hold onto a relationship that is no longer worthy of your devotion. If this transit comes at a time when you are single, it can be a period in which new people in your love life are unable or unwilling to commit to you, who fail to see you as worthy of partnership material. Some might get caught up in a new relationship in which they feel the need to prove their worth, which is unhealthy and destructive. This is a long-term transit, and a hard one, which can be very frustrating. However, at the end of it, you will be able to see whose love was true, and whose wasn’t strong enough. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but one that is necessary in your path towards wholeness in love and partnership."


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