dealing with a sun opposite pluto man. synastry question....


hopefully I won’t lose anyone as I describe this situation.

natally he has pluto scorpio opposite sun taurus, which both square his mars aquarius. he has jupiter taurus conjunct his sun and squaring his pluto and mars.

Natally I have venus in aquarius opposite jupiter leo.

synastry speaking his mars conjuncts my venus. his pluto, sun and jupiter square my venus and jupiter. his mars opposes my jupiter.

I think that this is bringing me alot of grief, as I have only known him for a short period of time (extremely short) and he’s already ‘locking’ in on me. I think he’s really attractive (super hawt) but he’s already trying to make me jealous and deliberately acting shady and backwards attempting to get under my skin, i’d imagine. it doesn’t bother me, but it bothers him because it doesn’t bother me. I kissed a dude in front of him and it looked as if he was going to cry. I’ve never seen someone look so genuinely upset (quivering lip, teary eyes) before.

do you think this has something to do with the fact that my jupiter and venus touch that ‘problem area’ of his in the chart?

we also have (my) moon in cap trine his sun in taurus. his pluto tightly sextiles me moon and his neptune is in a tight conjunction with my moon.

i bump into him at the bars and he listens to me and watches me intently like I’m moving him but when i turn to speak to him he looks away really fast and doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself, then just paws at a girl he deliberately places in front of me. I am the queen of poker faces but it only seems to make him want to try harder. he messaged me over facebook and wanted to hang out with me really bad but then when it was time to actually do it he said he didn’t have any money and that he was to lazy, so I told him to ‘forget it, we clearly aren’t on the same wavelength.’ he said okay, then left out a bunch of statuses proclaiming how he should ‘burn in hell’ and how terrible his life is.

Plutonian men are bizarre creatures. I honestly don’t get why if they are indeed so clever and smart, they decide to act so f***ing stupid.

it would be nice to know how I can handle this because I can guarantee that I’ll be seeing him again soon enough. i’m nervous because he holds all the cards synastry wise with all of his pluto hitting my personal planets.

the first time we spoke it was I who hit on him… I think I regret it already. I feel like even if nothing sexual happens he will find a way of making me a social pariah because he’s super butt hurt that I’m not trying to wrack his bones or something. idk, I really don’t trust plutonian men lol.


This is one of those everything or nothing situation. You either surrender, burn and deal with it, or you run away. Going back and forth will just burn your energies I feel. In your shoes, I would run away, because that Neptune on your Moon will not produce any reasonable understanding unless he becomes a zen Buddhist monk. But you heart should know much better. Do you know his Rising sign?

Why don’t you check if your Moon and Saturn make some significant interactions by progression or transit and see if it’s your time to meet someone special and start a relationship that you know will do you good.

Definitely check your Vetex and Juno synastry with the guy, I can do it for you in my Synastry Redaing.

Good Luck!

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hieronimuss <3 10098
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Some interesting thoughts by Gargatholil on the Sun opposing Pluto: “It may symbolize intense internal conflict. This may or may not be accompanied by an external conflict. The internal conflict will usually be about issues of power, though it may also involve issues of sexuality, truth, or spiritual struggle. Again, it is only be recognizing and positively confronting your shadow side that you will resolve your inner conflict.

Oppositions from Pluto symbolize the essence of polarizing conflict. They are like a double-whammy of crisis and duality. With your Sun opposing Pluto, you are confronted with the necessity of transforming your self-identity through recognizing and purging those parts of the self that are negative and destructive. You are likely to have a strong temptation to conceptualize all that is negative within yourself as “other” and to engage it in conflict. You see yourself as “good”, the opposing other as “evil” and inimical to you. This is the separation of your shadow-self and its manifestation so that it becomes the opposing “other.”

This may form a stage in your transformative process but you ultimately must recognize the shadow as existing within your own unconscious in order to be able to purge those negative tendencies symbolized by the shadow from your own personality. The opposition of the Sun and Pluto thus symbolizes a long struggle within your psyche to, first of all, discover the truth about yourself and, then, to purify the self, raising your conscious identity to a higher level of functioning on which it casts aside its lower nature.

The truth concerning your present identity is not hidden from you, but it is generally so painful to look at that you repress it. This suppressed psychic content is often projected onto another, who then becomes a nemesis for you. This nemesis can be impersonal, too. You may find yourself faced with powerful obstacles in life. You may respond to these obstacles by fighting them and overcoming them. In doing this, you develop the capacity in yourself to exercise power, charisma and/or heightened sexuality. The quality of your manifestation of power, whether positive or negative, will depend upon the extent to which you have uplifted your own consciousness, and this, in turn, may be related to the extent to which you have finally recognized your own shadow-side."

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