Do you agree with these Zodiac Stereotypes? [CLOSED]


Aquarius Man : Common stereotype DJ, Class Clown The wild party boy with a clowny sense of humor. Extremely intelligent, but prone to laziness. Weed can cause academic letdowns.

Woman : Common stereotype Teacher’s pet, Class Scholar Ms. Graceful, long wonderful hair, smooth skin, well dressed and spoken but sometimes socially awkward. Typically a genius.

Aries Man : Common stereotype Jock, Gearhead That guy who talks to a crap ton of women and talks and talks and talks.

Woman : Common stereotype Ditsy Blonde, Whimsical hippie [but always strong willed] That peppy, spritey and cute girl who can’t hold a grudge against anyone.

Cancer Man : Common stereotype Overdressed Gino, Carefree slacker That guy who looks vulnerable and is always trying to act cool. But when you catch him off guard he is goofy as hell.

Woman : Common stereotype Ms. Congeniality, Maneater The innocent and unassuming woman who comes off a little ditsy and tries to make everyone happy. Behind the scenes she is plotting her course for what she wants out of people.

Capricorn Man : Common stereotype Workaholic, Party animal The guy who is wild yet still manages to work and study hard

Woman : Common stereotype Overachiever, Slut The girl who talks smut and sex openly with a fun loving nature

Leo Man : Common stereotype Mr. Laid back, Bully The slow talking and jive walking fella. He’s bossy and sometimes a bully but everyone excuses that because of how cool he is.

Woman : Common stereotype Child at heart, Ms. I don’t give a ____ Her smile will melt your heart and her body will lift off your rocket. Charming and childlike. Also that girl who is storming out of the place after letting out a barrage of loud curses.

Libra Man : Common stereotype The Artist, Mr. Explainer That quiet guy who is always explaining something when he does talk. Very cool and laid back. [Oddly… all the strict homosexual men I know are Libran]

Woman : Common stereotype just like me, Blinded by love That sultry seductress who hides all her emotions speaks eloquently and has the world of problems and a therapy group for all her divorced husbands.

Pisces Man : Common stereotype Player, Goofball That guy who goes around hiding his emotions and trying to be hard. Overcompensating for his insecurities.

Woman : Common stereotype The kinky Librarian, Everyone’s sweetheart The cute and ladylike woman who charms you with her angelic voice demeanor and when crossed she turns into the ice queen from hell and rips your now armorless hide to shreds.

Sagittarius Man : Common stereotype The panty conqueror, Mr. Fun The socially awkward cat who everyone loves to have around always looking for a good time and a good drink

Woman : Common stereotype The Free Spirit, Ms. Promiscuous That girl up there dancing on the pole/table smoking a cig with a bulls-eye tattoo on her lower back and piercings you won’t find out about till the time is right. Cursing loudly, cracking jokes with everyone and being very friendly.

Scorpio Man : Common stereotype Mr. Random, The Heart-breaker The guy other guys are jealous of. He always has the most beautiful girls and always has a trail of scornful exs soon after

Woman : Common stereotype Miss HBIC (Head cookiemonster in Charge), Gossip queen [Rachel McAdams was perfect in Mean Girls] The adorable and independent lady who likes to party and gossip. Turning heads everywhere she goes and trusting of few.

Taurus Man : Common stereotype A Man’s Man, Silky Smooth The nice guy who everyone looks up to because of his material achievements. He loves to romance and women want him for what he has to offer.

Woman : Common stereotype Ms. Mellow, Attention seeker Crazy chicks with a taste for fashion and sometimes attention. They want to be spoiled and would prefer to stay home a little more than they like to go out.

Virgo Man : Common stereotype Manjust like me, Mr. Perfect The smart *** who confuses and enthralls all he comes across. He ticks you off with his remarks but his intellect is such a turn on you can’t help but be intrigued.

Woman : Common stereotype The cookie-monster you don’t mess with, Ms. Hard to get Bubbly and caring, cute and reserved but will chop your head off the minute you overstep your bound


Where is Gemini on this list? I agree with Libra man and woman, Aries man, Cancer woman (could not be more true), Pisces woman, Virgo woman, and Scorpio woman.

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Liz Greene is pretty amazing. Her Astrology for Lovers is an awesome book. She is great at dispelling some of the popular sign stereotypes and she describes the essence of every sign so vividly and clearly.

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Over sexed and I don’t fear death. Okay. Then there is that Head B*** In Charge. Okay. guess I can leave the equalizer at home today.

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Yup thats us. Dont date us, if you cant handle us

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  1. Aries: You are careless and over impulsive
  2. Taurus: You are lazy, and you eat a lot
  3. Gemini: You are bigmouthed and unfaithful
  4. Cancer: You are a crybaby and you eat a lot
  5. Leo: You are egocentric and loud
  6. Virgo: You are annoying and over-critical evil
  7. Libra: You are beautiful, but fickle and indecisive
  8. Scorpio: You are over-sexed and you don’t fear death.
  9. Sagittarius: You are swinish, loud, and unfaithful
  10. Capricorn: You are selfish, depressive, and dark humor
  11. Aquarius: You are plenty weird and unconventional
  12. Pisces: You love in your dreams, you are a crybaby



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Hahaha! Totally.

signed: Leo woman.

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hahaha yes I do. Im a virgo woman and yeahh I tend to be that way, If you cross a boundary you better watch it before you loose a limb hahha I like this question :)

by Shebelba

Lol, that Aquarius girl totally fits me. And the Cancers totally fits my mom and my best friend. There Capricorn doesnt' really sound like my dad though.

by The Aquarian from Mars

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