Does Vertex conjunct Vertex mean a fated bond in synastry?


Does Vertex conjunct Vertex mean a fated bond in synastry?


When you meet a person who has Vertex close to yours, the excitement can be very captivating. It can pull you both like a whirlpool to each other, and you may feel like it’s fated for you to be together. The way North Node keeps the personal direction intact, Vertex does the same related to the people we meet. Both of them are points not planetary energies. Both are most of the time triggered by transits and progressions.

This aspect definitely can give you the feeling that you are understood by other person beyond anything rational. It’s almost like you’re meeting this person beyond the 3 dimensional time and space. You may feel that your meeting was fated, but the question is where to take this feeling. This sort of contact will need the support of other synastric aspects in order to work long term, but enjoy it whatever the larger picture.

We analyze here the aspects and placements of Vertex in both personal and relationship reports.


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