Eating disorders and astrology?


Is my bulimia related to Mars conjunct Saturn in Leo in 6th house?


Anorexia Nervosa and Bulemia are eating disorders that involve low body weight and body image. The disorder involves an obsession about not gaining body weight and the various controlling behaviours to achieve that. The person with an eating disorder in most cases dislikes something about their reflection no matter how slim they appear.

Not eating will eventually lead to starvation and death so the behaviour is a serious impasse. Most mental health issues involve areas of either neuropsychology and or developmental psychology; The way we are open to receiving the particular kind of early nurturing from our parents plays a major role in the development of personality and mental health issues.

I must admit that it is a very tricky business diagnosing mental health disorders by way of Astrology. It is very unlikely for an astrologer to look at a chart and say “this person has an eating disorder”. There are however potential mental health themes that consistently reveal themselves in astrology charts. The components of mental health themes in Astrology include familiar planets and aspects which describe emotional drives and cognitive patterns.

Eating disorders in my view require a great deal of control and manipulation of ones body and family environment. Anorexia Nervosa is an extremely complex psychological disorder so one would assume there would be complex interconnecting patterns in the Astrology chart. Below is a series of the same chart where I have isolated the different aspect patterns to reveal a potential physical disorder for this this person.


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I have a friend with an eating disorder and his pluto is opposite his venus, he has a lot of virgo in his chart and pisces. It may be a good idea to join a self help group with other women so you can get a good idea how you feel every week. Part of the recovery challenge is not knowing if you are getting better or not on your own.

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With all my Virgo and Pisces, I sure wish I had an eating disorder. Not.

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