Full Moon Hurricane Watch for Oct 18th: An obvious neptunian pattern?


I observed that challenging aspect to Neptune can trigger large and powerful storms. When Katrina happened, in August 23, 2005, Mars was square Neptune and Venus was opposing it, just like with Rita. Interestingly enough, Neptune was also conjunct the Sun in New Orleans' chart (February 10, 1718)

It was the same with Sandy – a build-up from Sagittarius Mars squaring Neptune.

Along with Lunar Eclipse on the 18th of October, Mars will start opposing Neptune and can trigger mess. Hope not, but the pattern is just so obvious.

Let’s start building a positive group consciousness, send our positive energies to divert more suffering!

It’s helpful to know where in your chart the Full Moon with Eclipse will be happening:

1st house Full Moon – Time to assert your own needs without becoming overly emotional.

2nd House Full Moon – Intimacy, giving and receiving of pleasure, as well as issues around what’s yours and what’s mine.

3rd house Full Moon – You will overheat your lap with a laptop, network insanely, run tons of errands, doing paperwork and answering many calls.

4th Full Moon – Prioritizing and balancing energy spent on work and energy spent on domestic matters is essential now. Family member may become needy.

5th house Full Moon – Creative and romantic events steal the stage. You may fall in love.

6th house Full Moon – Possible health resolutions and issues, and above usual fruitful hours of work. You may find your co-worker crying on your shoulder.

7th house Full Moon – You can find yourself listening to the needs of those close to you. Blending needs and mutual solutions are the only way to work it out.

8th house Full Moon – Besides a heightened possibility for intense intimate moments, you may start to understand that you possess power and how it can work the best for everyone. You can’t stay on the fence at this time.

9th house Full Moon – You discover a great book and a friend from abroad contacts you with a mind changing proposal.

10th house Full Moon – Social success may be highlighted, sudden job opportunity or some form of assistance with regards to career.

11th house Full Moon – You may find your friend crying on your shoulder. If you needed emotionally to understand what needs to change in your life, now you may see the bigger picture.

12th house Full Moon – You may not feel complete and want to be by yourself. You may be overwhelmed by the need for a resolution, but not be able to rationally come up with one. Listen to music and “merge” with nature.


How can I find out which house the full moon will be in my chart?

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frisk 534
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over 4 years ago hieronimuss <3 said:

In your second house. But the Sun will be conjunct your Venus in the 8th house, giving it a positive emotional twist.

over 4 years ago frisk said:

@hieronimuss <3 Thank you!


As Anthony de Mello said: ““Don’t waste your suffering.”

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