His South Node is conjunct my Chiron?


I honestly doubt that this aspect has an obvious influence on your relationship. South Node is overall accepting of the qualities of the planets it conjoins. Once your Chiron is activated through your own transit or a progressed planet, and when it triggers some kind of crises, this is where his reaction will become obvious. I can’t say that the support will not be there, but the South Node may bring some level of ambivalence on his side, and not motivate him to dig deeper and search for alternatives in your “situation”.

Answered about 6 years ago
3oflife 1817
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http://tribes.tribe.net/astrologylovers/thread/ac8c68d7-8215-4e99-9c64-1faa9d8db8ce chiron in signs and houses

“People with this aspect have already spent time (possibly in previous lives) healing their particular woundedness and are in the process of learning to use this wisdom in the current lifetime. For example, Chiron in Pisces in the twelfth conjunct the South Node (and opposed the North Node in Virgo) could indicate a past life spent in isolated devotion to God in which the individual experienced great pain and disillusionment concerning the effectiveness of their faith. At that time, they may have decided that without physical and practical involvement in daily living, their faith is not meaningful. In this lifetime, they will seek to develop a physical and natural connection to life that brings practical benefit to others. This differs from a Chiron in Pisces placement that is not in aspect to the South Node, because there is not the usual lack of faith and connection to the Divine, only confusion as to how that faith should be expressed. ” http://astrologynotes.org/wiki/ChironoppositionNorth_Node

http://tribes.tribe.net/astrologylovers/thread/6db8bac3-e07c-47e0-ab87-ea185b457097 north node in signs and houses

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Chiron conjunct South Node can indicate healing skills developed in past lives.

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