How can you know if a Libra woman likes you?


I have a casual platonic friendship with a Libra girl and recently she become flirty and hinting that we should go out.


The Libra woman is not easily turned on, because stimuli must first be filtered through her head. After all that cerebral activity, you’d think she would have lost her sense of lust. However, the brain is the largest sex organ of the body, so the best way to turn her on would be to stimulate her mind — she’ll readily turn to fluff and honey! However, she can sense if you try too hard to turn her on, and there’s nothing more off-putting than a choreographed move. Spontaneity is the word.

The Sun in a woman’s chart points largely to the type of man she goes for. A guy with charm who dresses well and exudes inner sexiness will naturally get her hot. The Libra woman doesn’t go for looks alone, mind you. She’s the embodiment of Venus, and doesn’t really need another one. She much prefers a man who appreciates the Venusian in her.

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