How is progressed ascendant in Leo?


How is progressed ascendant in Leo?


When your Ascendant moves into Leo in your PROGRESSED Chart, you may feel that you sparkle brilliantly when the Sun is shining and actually feel subdued when it is hiding. This progression can bring you a fiery personality influenced by leadership, determination and stability. Leo must lead, and you may assume the leadership role subtly and without any sense of abdication on the part of others while this sign is on the Ascendant in your Progressed Chart. You will also feel the need to excel in what you do now, and anytime you feel failure you are likely to be wounded more deeply than you want others to know. When this happens, you will go into hiding, lick your wounds in private, and restore your sense of self-worth in your own way and your own time. Relationships can be exciting during this life cycle, but you will want to them to be on your terms. You could feel devastated when you fail to live up to your expectations—or, to what you think are the expectations of others. When you hide to lick your wounds, you need to be particularly wary of indulging in alcohol or other drugs to help restore your self-esteem. You could find them to be too effective, causing you to disregard more positive and healthy measures. Mood altering chemicals are likely to produce more euphoria for Leo Rising than for others.


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