How is Saturn square Ascendant?


Does it means that something held me back at a young age, like my parents…


Saturn square Ascendant causes unhappy love life at some point. Makes the person more pessimistic and neglectful. Study the house the aspect is coming from and the sign it is in. Taken alone Saturn suggest a person who underestimates his/her capabilities and needs to gain self-confidenc. If pressured too much, the person probably withdraws rather than face the fight, the challege. You are a late started because you are too cautious and you deprive yourself of many opportunities. Normally, you are not content unless you perform at your best. Early home life probably lackd the warmth with your parents. You probably had to do what you were told. :Period. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean you lacked respect but rather, preocupied with getting to where you wanted to go to assure financial security or whatever. The security you gain would compensate for your emotional insecurity. One last point. When Saturn transits or afflicts the Ascendant by transit, it is always a dangerous aspect for broken limbs, or chronic diseases.

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Your self-discipline and seriousness incline you to be a loner, but that bothers you quite a bit. You would like to make close, warm relationships because you think that it is expected of you, but you just do not feel comfortable acting that way. This leads you to feel inhibited and frustrated, which can cause you to experience deep depression. Learn to relax and accept that what is good for someone else is not necessarily appropriate for you. You do have excellent qualities. Your friendship, once given, is wonderfully loyal and steadfast, and that is a rare gift. From the report part of the reading.

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