How is Virgo Ascendant?


How is Virgo Ascendant?


Virgo rising is essentially a very helpful and humble, down to earth person who perceives the world as puzzle where he can employ his problem solving skills. The goal is to find practical outlets for skills and talents. The solutions needs to be thought over thoroughly, and Virgo rising will find them.

It’s good to know that Virgo ascendants have an unusually developed sense of what is happening physically to them. This can trigger an auto-diagnosing addiction and produce remedies such as organic foods and mind-body connecting exercises such as yoga.

The old astrology texts said you would marry a drunkard because on the opposite side of the chart is Pisces. We should widen the spectrum much by adding artistic, spiritual, musically inclined partner, but also one who may have some hidden agendas that even he may not be aware of.

Notable Virgo Ascendants: Prince Albert, Woody Allen, Ian Andserson, Julie Andrews, Jane Austen, Warren Beatty, Kurt Cobain, Guy DeMaupassant, Walt Disney, Faye Dunaway, Ernest Hemingway, Don Johnson, k.d. lang, Madonna, Uma Thruman, and Pancho Villa.

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Interesting. I’d say both of your answers are quite accurate. As for the visual I have brown hair, and blueish gray eyes. I do have pretty small feet, too. But I’m pretty short, height wise. I’m 5"1. I am a pretty good writer, but I’m pretty cynical about life and my writing too, at times, and worry about fitting in.

It’s also sad but true, but I do have a tendency to like people who at first seem totally innocent and sincere to me, and even mysterious as if there’s something more that I’d like in them that I don’t know about yet, but usually I find out later that they’re total jerks. It’s really sad. Many people I’ve been with have betrayed me or used me, and at first I somehow think there’s something good about them as if they don’t have anything wrong with them.

And yes, I would consider myself humble. I just have a lot of doubts about myself and feel like I need to work harder in a lot of areas. I’d rather me unnoticed and out of the spotlight, and I’d rather feel like someone feels I’m meaningful to them and helped them out with something rather than be given attention.

So, once again- quite accurate for both.

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People born when Virgo is rising are above middle stature. The upper part of the head is much more developed than the lower, the weak chin, showing lack of will and the large brain indicating greatness of intellect, being therefore earmarks of the Virgo. The face is thin, the complexion sallow, the hair brown and the eyes hazel or gray. The feet are small, the toes turn inwards and give these people a peculiar labored walk.

Virgo people are very quick and active in youth, they learn with facility, and do not work hard for knowledge; they seem to breathe it in without an effort. They acquire linguistic and elocutionary powers most readily, are fluent writers but are often cynical, cold and unforgiving when they have been injured. They are extremists in their food, and make hygiene a fad; they often fancy that they have every imaginable disease, because Virgo is the sixth sign and has a certain affinity with the sixth house, denoting health the and disease.

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