How may Saturn retrograde play out for your sign


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On February 18 Saturn will start moving retrograde until July 11. It will make you reconsider the commitments from the past. Maybe you will finally understand why you need to say NO to all that doesn’t serve you. It’s a good period to deal with issues from the past and avoid taking on the new ones. If you know your rising sign, it may appear more accurate.

Aries: You reached the level of becoming almost unbearably responsible. Maybe this makes you even little bit bitter, because it’s hard for the rest of us to live up to your expectations. Take a look at what you share with other people and define your approach over the next 6 months: take what is yours and don’t bother with others. Or: Make it clear what is yours and what belongs to others, and keep it like that. Or: if you have it all lucky you, but consider sharing options because it can actually make you stronger.

Taurus: You probably noticed new patterns in your intimate relationships, as well as with your partners. There may be more sternness and little bit less sense of humor in all of those. They probably became serious for some kind of a reason. Maybe they need to be more trusting and solid. Now it’s a good time to explore what you can do with it, if you feel good about it, or what changes will work better for you. There is more space now to grow and navigate your relationships.

Gemini: Things are good including your health commitments and the possible new job. When by the end of the week Saturn goes retrograde you need to become more cautious with your extravaganzas, and make sure not to overextend yourself, so that your health doesn’t become affected. There are no obstacles here, there are just bags of sand that you need to untie, so that your blimp can soar higher, and according with your lung capacity.

Cancer: Chances are you started a creative long-term project over the past couple of months. Or maybe you wanted to develop a romantic relationship to a more committed stage. Consider that you may have overdone with both, so give it a little space and let it ripen on its own for a little while. Saturn retrograde will demand that all the details are in good working order for you social self to take off more substantially.

Leo: The home project you are involved with brought you some substantial progress. Maybe you moved to a new place, literary and figuratively, and now you feel that you have many options with the new base. Visualize that you have a root and that instead of three solid roots you have many many smaller ones. This process of selection will be needed to focus only on the strongest roots and feel more grounded in your affairs and creative projects.

Virgo: You may have experienced that with your thoughts you can actually manifest a new reality for yourself. The danger is that you may have manifested little bit too much recently, and that you feel slightly overwhelmed with it all. The next five months will demand the focus on what gives the most solid structure to your life and your progress.

Libra: The next five months will start a selective process about what the sources of your income should be. There is no pressure yet, but you will need to decide what is more important for you and redirect your energies accordingly. Whatever you feel gives you a better sense of structure should be your choice.

Scorpio: The ideas of a greater independence have been haunting you in the past couple of months. You don’t necessary like how the work is done around you, and you see the need for many improvements, but you’re not certain how to go about it. Take next couple of months a break from a pressure to change, and get in touch with how the current situation is reflecting what you need and desire.

Sagittarius: Over the past few months you may have felt that the ground underneath your feet is a little bit shakier. You may feel that there are some deeper connections to be made, including your past, in order to gain a better understanding of what to do with your life. It’s important not to panic and approach it as creatively as possible. Find ways to move on when you feel stuck, even if it means picking up some books that interested you long time ago, like Castaneda’s books and such.

Capricorn: You became little bit more cautious with you social associations over the past couple of months. Maybe you have experienced that the friends are more significant in your life. You are shaping your social impact. It’s very important for your psychological framework. With Saturn retrograde in your solar 11th house, open your personal Pandora’s box and think of what kind of social changes you can offer to this world.

Aquarius: Your career accelerated in the past couple of months beyond your expectations. The next 5 months will bring the need to reorganize your energy and learn about the areas where your professional interest can still grow. Don’t lose touch with your base and take time to consult your partner about all your options. It’s time to listen and collect the pieces of information that will turn you into a power-house over the next couple of years.

Pisces: Did you notice how your mind was better able to solidify and use knowledge in the past couple of months? You are involved in intellectual growth, and with discipline and openness, this can help all areas of your life. Chances are there are few things that you want to study at this point in-depth. Focus on what will benefit you the most, and beware of becoming scattered and giving in too soon. Giving up is okay, but not giving in.


Thanks for the post H!I feel how Saturn retrograde transiting my 6th house wants me to totally commit to my health and regenerate as much as possible. I’ve been sick with the flu for about 2 weeks now, which never happened before in my life. It’s a big cleansing process. In my work it does bring some restructuring, more clarity, better organization. Scorpio gives Saturn depth, nothing can be done half-way.

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I’m reading this great book Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body, and Soul by Erin Sullivan. With Saturn transiting 12th house, I feel like I’m going nowhere. From this book I realized that it is a retreat time, a time to prepare for renewal. I’m not sure if I can notice that Saturn is retrograde. Maybe it plays out in the impression that is easier for me to separate myself from some past issues. And maybe I’ll finally also stop smoking, and become less accusatory. Such a great book, I’m changing the perspective on my life as I’m reading it.

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