How to interpret semi-squares?


I have found a lot of information about squares, but not much about semi-square.

Can someone clarify what semi-squares are and how to interpret these?



Semi-square is recognized in astrological community as the aspect of frustrations and irritations. Semi-square tests your endurance, persistence and patience. It brings obstacles and rigid mindset in your way, making it more difficult for you to adapt to new or different situations. Sometimes you just need to stay flexible and find other solutions. An orb of less than 3 degrees is recommended.

I have personally few of those. One is “Mercury semi-square Saturn”. This is the description from our In-Depth Natal Report (you can order here the descriptions of your Semi-squares and other minor aspects (the free Chart Essence doesn’t have this feature):

“Your mind moves slowly and carefully, and you make no decisions until you have reviewed all the relevant possibilities. Even then, you move cautiously. Fearing to be wrong, you would almost rather not act at all than do anything that might cause others to judge you negatively. This forces you to be very thorough at whatever you do. In many situations this can be a great gift. It can also, however, limit your life and keep you in a rut. Occasionally giving yourself permission to be wrong can open up a world of new possibilities.”

And it’s very true. I just hate to be wrong, or perceived as a person who is wrong. Of course I can overcome it, but it just slows me down. It’s fortunate that I have some trines to Mercury, that makes it also little easier.

Here this is the glyph for semisquare:

Image Alt Text

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[I have found a lot of information about squares, but not much about semi-square] So,this should be telling you something? yes, the reason for this is its NOT a major Ptolomic aspect and I don’t even use them as they are considered minor in effects.

basic natal aspects

quintiles and bi quintiles are minor aspects that can show hidden creativity

quindecile aspects are used by famous astrologer Noel Tyl in his midheaven extension process and although a minor aspect it does seem relevant.

hope this helps

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