How to know if a Pisces woman loves you?


How to know if a Pisces woman loves you?


It is not so simple as this Pisces girl describes it: “It really really depends. Cuz I can ignore someone I don’t give two shyts about. But I could also ignore someone I’m madly in love with. Then I could flirt with someone who I really would never date, while making sure the guy I’m actually in love with is watching. Then walk away. When I see I got a reaction out of him, I’ll go sit by him for a bit…and flirt and see if I get a response. We’re very complicated. Sometimes, you just gotta pick up your balls, and ask us out to know for sure.”

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I am involved with a wonderful pisces woman (its complicated..lol)and as a Leo Man I see some major things that spark passion between us (good way). She appears to both desire and fear my fire.. my passion.

I sense her retreat many times and later come on stronger each time she returns to me. Her “retreats” from me are temporary and seems to deepen our connection.

I fear that I may retreat too to protect my heart because I do put alot of my heart and soul into loving her… I have to be temperate. I do not want her to interpret that as pulling away but like her I do not wish to be crushed emotionally (I do not think I could recover from being heartbroken by her).

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If you would like things to progress with a Pisces – see where things go when you open up to her after getting to know her for a while. If you feel comfortable enough to do that and she is receptive (offering an ear and feedback without giving strong advice) then you are in a good place. If you are met with push back or if she overly dominates anything (discussions, plans, ideas etc) then be warned that this is not a woman who is good with compromise and may even think she always has something to teach you and the world.

I would suggest not opening up too early as with any Pisces who has had an experience of learning about a man too early that led to being taken advantage of, this will be a red flag. Just take things at a good pace…. not too slow and not too fast. Pisces can feel smothered easily in the beginning and question so much about a man’s integrity if she is looking for a serious relationship. Just find out about your Pisces, what her intentions are in life and her “reputation”. Is she involved in activities, concern for others, good relationships in the past, fair well with family etc. You need to look at all aspects of the woman and feel her vibes towards you before allowing your own vulnerability. If you open too soon, you may retreat into your shell and regret doing so. You may even begin to resent the woman you shared your emotions and insights with (not necessarily about anything she may have said or done) due to your own uncertainties.

If you are certain about a Pisces, she will sense this and be more apt to open up to you. We DONT open up easily. This may be concerning to Cancers and other signs, but we have to trust and feel secure before doing so. I think this is why Pisces and Cancer relationships often get stunted and never evolve because we don’t want to put ourselves out there due to our lack of trust. Or maybe one person puts themselves out there and not the other, thus giving way to one sided feelings and shortsightedness of the good things about the relationship. If a Pisces does open up quickly, I don’t believe its a natural inclination, so be cautious.

On a lighter note, share humor, adventure, philosophy, the arts and lots of yummy exotic food and experiences with her. Build up and you will see her heart melt and her smile rarely fade. She will lean on you alot for advice and insight, but don’t be threatened by this if she is an evolved Pisces. She is actually seeking out confirmations from her partner. You won’t expect tantrums, stress and fights… what you should expect are healthy debates and challenges to ensure that you both grow in a positive direction. Pisces can often be abstract in their thinking and expressions. Be patient and break down nuances and vague responses. Ask her what she means if you arent certain – this will help her process both her feelings and emotions when she slows down to reflect on what she has said. You however should always be very clear and direct with a Pisces. She will respect you for that. If she is mature she will take constructive criticism well and desire growth of self and the relationship more. If you deliver something that you don’t like about what a Pisces has done or said or share feelings with her about negative behaviors you find that she keeps repeating and then you are received with bitterness, anger, retreating etc…. these are not good signs! Don’t get me wrong, Pisces are not all smiles all the time… we think and feel deeply. However if we continually wallow in self-pity, hurt, uncertainty, the past etc… we are not well balanced. Although a Pisces takes stings, she should acknowledge what you say and respect it if done with a foundation of basic human concern and care. Pisces are known to be taken advantage of quite easily and thus being taken for granted is likely paramount in our relationships.

Don’t ever be afraid to say you are sorry. Say it when it is most deeply warranted.

Just have fun, but allow for depth and discussion. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Be strong and direct while wearing your heart on your sleeve. Don’t push, manipulate or instigate. We respond to affection with both words and touch. We love balance – so giving nothing you will find a needy Pisces… give too much and she will run away. Its very strange, but true. Don’t text your Pisces too much. We like face to face encounters and phone conversation. We will look too far into text and things will become misconstrued quickly. If she is heavy on text due to behaviors she may have picked up in past relationships, re direct her with saying “Hey lets talk over the phone if your not tied up” I must share that I never text until 2008 when I met a man who used it to hide his true feelings and as a tool to manipulate. I developed poor habits during our connection that I am still working on today. Don’t use texting as a way to truly communicate. Use it to make plans, give quick information, let her know your coming etc. We need to see your face, hear your tone, feel your vibe etc. —— I have ended many relationships due to heavy reliance on text. Things became too confusing and miscommunication sets in.

We love water, but it has to be just the right depth for us to feel safe and want to wade for a while. Too high and we will swim away with the tides…. too low, the relationship will commit to a slow agonizing death.

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