How to know if a Scorpio woman loves you?


How to know if a Scorpio woman loves you?


From personal experience, it’s either pretty obvious or you’ll never know. I enjoyed reading this article:

The female Scorpio has a deep , mysterious beauty. She’s magnetic , proud and totally confident but she has one secret regret. She was not born a man. There is not a single Scorpio Female alive who doesn’t think she is all woman, and you may wonder what I am talking about yourself, if you are in Love with one. This girl certainly has enough glamour and she is enormously seductive. But I didn’t she looked like a boy, nor did I intend to imply she does not do a bang-up job. It’s just that, unconsciously, she would prefer to have less restrictions, more opportunity.

Once the Scorpio girl has figured out the difference about blue booties and pink booties, she will resign herself to wearing the pink booties because she is fabulous at making the best out of situation. But a pink is not her natural color. The true shade of her nature is dark maroon, or deep wine –red, not a female color at all. However to give her proper tribute, she is able to make you think it is. I know one who’s great at pretending to be a fragile, fluffy kitten. She purrs so contentedly, most men guess she is ultra-feminine Piscean. They topple into her trap and wake up later, sadder but wiser. She is no kitten.

Scorpio Women have scornful contempt for members of their sex who flop in roles of sweetheart, wife and mother, once they are stuck with the parts. A pluto girl will control her desire to dominate, while she gives a glorious performance of womanhood, and she will do it with more finesse than masculine Aries, Leo, sagittarius girl. At least she will do it during courtship. There may be a few cases when the unsuspecting male gets a rude surprise after he shakes the rice out of his shoes and the illusion out of his eyes. Unlike the Aries female, for example, a Scorpio will subdue her drive and magnetize a man with heavy perfume of her exotic glance, as she allows him to use his lighter to ignite her cigarette. That’s far sexier than aggressively striking matches herself and blowing the smoke in his face, and she knows it. She knows lot more. Another girl might rush into your headlong into your arms and shout her love from the rooftops. The Scorpio girl walks towards you slowly, seductively, silently delivers her private message. It’s puzzling, but these women can look seductive in Jeans, Jodhpurs or basketball shoes. Maybe it’s her husky voice that creates the image. She can wear a baseball cap the entire time her future husband will be courting her, and she will spend a lot of time talking about batting averages. But she will be as seductive as Mata Hari just the same, and she will get her man. (He will be hypnotized, as usual).

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Look for signs of jealousy.

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She’ll tell you the hard truth and expect you to do the same! The truth can come out when there’s openness, which requires trust, classic Scorpio gateway terrain. If she confides in you, she trusts you. If she trusts you, her heart is open.

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Scorpio woman is very emotional, very demanding and very demonstrative. She is full of flair and intrigue, a fascinating woman that the strong A-type personality male will adore, for she presents the right amount of challenge with the right amount of rewards. The Scorpio woman is the ultimate seductive, flirtatious woman. She won’t give a man her heart very easily because she is weary of trusting another person. The man will have to go through a series of ‘mental testes’ in order for the relationship to get solid and close. She may not show it, but she wants a close committed relationship. Ion order for this, the man has to be trusted, has to be affectionate and never try to control her. She is very possessive but the Scorpio woman is so full of mystery, sensuality and passion that most men do not mind being possessed by her.

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