How will Neptune's direct motion affect your Sign?


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Neptune was retrograde from June 4 until November 11 2012. Neptune retrograde let you become aware of illusions and possible misguided directions in your life. Ideally you can become aware of possible misleads, confront them, and prevent living life in a deception. Astrologer Delphine Jay feels that it is essential that we do something about the problems that we pick up on while Neptune is retrograde because they can worsen when Neptune goes direct.

Neptune will remain direct until June 6th 2013. If you’re born on the first degrees Gemini Pisces Virgo and Sagittarius, Neptune is dissolving your concepts of reality. It works well with Cancer and Scorpio stimulating imagination and sense of connection to your feeling of love and what motivates you spiritually. If you know your Ascendant Sign, I recommend reading it too.

Aries: Neptune retrograde possibly opened up a door to your past. It could have brought you a little treasure chest, and no one else knows about it. You are still uncertain if you should take it for real. Ultimately it’s about setting higher standards and focusing on long lasting benefits. The masters of wisdom became what they are because they let the past fuel their present. Since you always look ahead, Neptune direct can now bring the quality of your beliefs down to where you can use them, mostly in serving others unconditionally.

Taurus: A possible disappointment over the past five months could have possibly opened some sort of a Pandora’s box. Did you ask yourself: Do I still need this friend in my life? Should i still be part of this weird group? Where does the misunderstanding come from when I’m trying to communicate my love? With Neptune turning direct, these issues should become more clear, and promote a more creative exchanges in your social life, already by the pure fact of your greater trust.

Gemini: Neptune retrograde possibly involved you in some misguided career turns. If you’re in a creative field, there is nothing to fear unless you invested a lot. If you decided to start your own business beware of the partners that you don’t fully trust. With Neptune in direct motion, you can tap into a greater self-confidence, mainly strengthened by your revived belief and out-dating all the mental concepts of loss.

Cancer: Did you notice a pattern of thought in you that somehow was lacking open-endedness? Did you notice that often a conversations turned into a monologue where the other party didn’t have anything to add or share. Make sure to recognize anything that will look like an ideology in life, and set your creative self free. Maybe you started learning something and that became discouraged that it may be unprofitable. With Neptune moving now direct, revisit what you thought was unrealistic, and make sure not to neglect your creative self.

Leo: Neptune retrograde since June 2012 may have brought you a relationship that was not based on sound principles. Do you have second thoughts about it, and feel suspicion towards some of your partners? The next 6 moths bring an opportunity to clarify it, and support the grand ideas with a tangible real values. It should also become more and more obvious with Neptune now direct that physical love without spirituality is not serving you well, health wise.

Virgo: You close intimate relationship over the past 6 months wanted to involve you in joint projects, and it didn’t go the way it was expected. Now it’s time to look into motivation and trust issues – not in an intellectual way, but in the way that will show you if you are in tune with your creative self. If your imagination is not working in that project, maybe it’s time to revise it and start from scratch. This time it will all develop much faster and be more satisfactory, and you will be able to avoid building sand castles.

Libra: Neptune retrograde possible brought some disruptions to your routine. It is possible that you couldn’t get easily organized and that you felt you were wasting a lot of time. Now all those explorations will come back to show you the best way not to force a schedule on yourself, but to establish a flow in you routine, no matter how surreal it will look to your environment. Make sure to monitor closely your health and not to rely on professionals opinions if you have some health issues. Opt out for holistic healing, it will open door to more appropriate solutions to anything that you need to resolve in your life.

Scorpio: Think about what the idea of game has in store for you. Potentially probably a lot, as long as you are not the one who is playing the game, but equally participates with others. That could have been easily the issue of the past 5 months – there was no clear role in the game that you felt you should be apart of . It could have involved just a flirt or your new public persona. Adopt attitude of sharing for the game to give you that orgasmic and cathartic feeling that you enjoy so much.

Sagittarius: Did you feel numb and speechless over the past five months at the occasions when you were suppose to communicate with your family? Did you feel like your home was not giving you the right support? All of this happened possibly because you didn’t have a plan. Establish a healthy routine in interactions with your family, because no one else will give you the support that at the same time feels so grounding and constructive to you.

Capricorn: If you look back at how the communication went over the past 5 months while Neptune was retrograde, maybe you can see a pattern that shows that often there was a closure missing. It happened either because you or the other side didn’t invest enough trust, or because there was too much wine involved. If you had a dispute with your sibling with whom you otherwise have a strong connection, revisit the issues which may have dissolved on their own by now,.

Aquarius:  How to connect the material world with a sense of value could have been very fleeting for you for you over the past 5 months while Neptune was retrograde. However, you designed a lot with your hands that awaits public now. Maybe you also put your trust in a job where you hit the wall, because your belief system was not appreciated. You are way too independent to work for someone else. It’s time focus on your resources, manage them, and firmly establish the faith that the products you believe in will sell.

Pisces: The fresh breeze that started a year ago will possibly had to be reset and restarted again while Neptune was retrograde over the past 5 months . The positions that seem attainable and where you would swim more according to the calling of your soul didn’t produce anything that you would be proud of. The problem is with you being so complicated: you want at the same time to function independently and in the most idealized union with anything – your partner or your job or your pet. With Neptune going direct maybe this oxymoronic situation can be resolved, and this polarity can now flow into the same riverbed.

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Thanks, nice write-up. I can relate to both my sun sign (Sag) and my rising (Gemini). My mom is Pisces and we could not connect in recent 5 months at all. With anything Pisces there is always some kind of readiness for disappointment present. Hopefully it will go away now…

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Neptune is currently transiting my second house of earned income and I finally fulfilled my dream of opening my own etsy store with all organic cosmetic products. Retrograde Neptune worked well for me to develop an instinct for the right ingredients. Yuhuuu!

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