How would this Mars in Cancer be sexually?


Alright, little awkward here, but how would this Mars in Cancer be like with sex? (And yes, I know there are other factors adding into this, but to keep it simple, I just wanna base it off of the Mars sign and aspects solely). Mars in 10th house. Mars at 4 degrees. Mars conjunct Sun in Cancer (Sun in 10th house, 1 degree). Mars conjunct Venus in Cancer (Venus in 10th house, 4 degrees). Mars trine Moon in Pisces (Moon in 6th house, 4 degrees). The person with these aspects and everything is a straight female by the way. I added degrees and houses and the signs the planets are in just in case. :)


She wants to keep you in by all means. The most important thing for her is that she is not misunderstood when she needs a break. She will come back with even more passion.

Answered 6 months ago
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