How would you describe the Aquarius sign?


How would you describe Aquarius sign and all whose Sun is in Aquarius?


Aquarius is the sign of children of light. They bring light in all that captures their attention, and they fight the darkness, like Bob Marley, Lincoln, Mozart and many others. The Aquarius keyword is “Discontent” and they will tell you in length and very analytically what they don’t like and how to change things. Aquarius people have the innocence of children who can always see something in a new way. Here is more in depth description: http://www.astrology-online.com/aquarius.htm

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Many decent articles on Aquarius on this page:

Sharp Intellect In astrology, Aquarius is often referred to as the sign of genius. Boredom is the biggest malady of people born under this sun sign. An Aquarian has a very fertile mind that needs to be constantly fed with new knowledge, be it about people or machines. A large number of Aquarians are seen to prosper in the field of technology. They are good in computers and machines, and are often found to have an eclectic collection of gadgets. Artistic inclination is one of the predominant Aquarius sign characteristics. They specially excel in drama. In fact, 70% of individuals in the Hall of Fame either belong to this sun sign or have a strong Aquarian ascendant.

It is again his hunger for knowledge that makes an Aquarian interact with people. He might be keenly interested in you. But as soon as he has quenched his curiosity he might move on. He is like the winter gale that is hard to be fettered. He has to move on as there are greater mysteries for him to unravel. The Aquarian need for constant interaction with people is often viewed as a lack of commitment, and you may be surprised at how many acquaintances and how very few real friends an Aquarian has. However, once he has scanned you under his intent analysis, and you have captured his interest, your Aquarian friend could startle you with his loyalty.

A Rebel and Reformist Almost every Aquarian comes by as a soft-spoken, courteous individual. However, don’t be fooled by this tranquil exterior. Aquarians are essentially rebels and non-conformists. For an Aquarian there is always a scope for change. He is a born thinker who can visualize the future with amazing clarity. In the world of astrology this is common refrain – ‘Aquarians see today what the world sees 50 years later’. The universal water bearer that represents this sun sign, comes a person for the masses. He stands for revolution for the greater benefit of mankind. From his jug, the water bearer pours out water like ideas that come out of an unrestrained mind that can see tomorrow and beyond, while the rest of us are still struggling with the travails of today. Aquarians are idealists, however, without blind faith. They are people with original ideas and strong convictions. One of the negative Aquarius characteristics is their stubbornness. Though they might not jump into the revolutionary war with a sword as a Scorpio or Leo would, an Aquarian would ensure that despite bitter opposition his convictions are realized. This is best reflected by Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt who brought about the reforms they believed in despite lack of support.

Humanitarian Leanings It is their ability and need to interact with people that helps them develop a keen understanding of the plight of the ostracized and the elite alike. This gives individuals of this air sign strong humanitarian leanings. As they go about mingling with the masses with enviable ease, and soaking up all information that comes by with their keen senses, their desire to improve the plight of the downtrodden becomes stronger. Often seen as tactless and rebellious, it is here that their love for freedom comes in great use. In their quest to question authority and set norms, we see the Aquarians unparalleled zeal and courage to stand against injustice and fight the cause of the underdog.


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Apparently good places for Aquarius to live: New Mexico (been there and yeas, very out of this world), Abyssinia, Bremen (Germany), Brighton (England), Circassia, Cyprus, Hamburg (Germany), Ingolstadt (Germany), Lithuania, Piedmont (Italy), Prussia, Russia, St. Louis (Missouri), Salzburg (Austria), Sweden, Syria, Trent (Italy), Turkey.

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Aquarius appearance Aquarius imageHow to spot an Aquarian

Detachment and a hint of peculiarity. What to remember is that strongly Aquarius-influenced people are always hard to pin down. They can be enthusiastic and open, socially expansive, but tend to keep their distance, seldom making a complete emotional investment. Always “cool”. While the reputation of Aquarian unconventionality is quite true, it is seldom a striking feature of their appearance. In spite of the bursting release-energy of their ruling planet Uranus, Aquarians are frequently humble and relatively quiet persons. Sure, there are many utterly extrovert and bizarre representatives for the sign. And yes, many match their inherent aloofness with a markedly bohemian (or unusually formal or classic) style of clothing or some other striking accessory or ornament. But these sorts of things are commonplace today and hardly original. Look for a tolerant, civil, shock-proof, very friendly and amiable attitude.

Notice also the suspected Aquarian’s group-behaviour. Aquarians relate ambivalently to group activity, crowds and associations. While naturally equipped with a collective “feel” and attraction to the dynamics of human interplay, Aquarians are essentially loners and individualists, intent on not being swayed by public opinion and attitudes. They usually don’t aim for the center of attention, and probably because of this gravitate towards it anyway. They have a relaxed yet electric charisma that attracts because of its lack of eagerness, and also by the Aquarian’s interest in other people and wide-ranging humanity. Often strongly built; wide shoulders and clear eyes, an intellectual, impersonal air that can seem (and be) quite unemotional. A decidedly, cool, buzzing radiation, but at a low frequence. Aquarian men are masculine in an androgynous way, quietly paradoxical and calm. Women are open and progressive, quite alluring in their distance and indifference. If attractive they’re usually very attractive, but in quirky, originally glamorous way.

Celebrity examples include Geena Davis (Sun in Aquarius exactly opposite Uranus by the Midheaven), with that highly charged, erratic charisma and sharp intellectuality, Tom Selleck (Aquarius Sun in the first house exactly trine Uranus); essentially Aquarian with his calm, friendly and humane yet detached and individualistic demeanor, and Mena Suvari (Sun, Mars and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius) whose off-beat, alluring beauty and glowing intelligence is characteristic.


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My own impression about Aquarians is (contrary to popular opinion) that a large percentage of them don’t actually give a damn about groups. I think that what they are doing is infiltrating groups with the express intention of encouaging the members to be individuals, and either stay in a group if that’s what they want – or escape when they can stand as individuals.

When you stop and think about it – why would an individualistic Aquarian feel a need to attach themselves to a group?

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Aquarius Careers

In careers, some suitable options for Aquarians are Inventors, Communications, Airlines or any Technical area of Radio or Television, and Social workers etc. Some other good careers for Aquarians are Scientist, Photographer, Astrologer, Singer, Social Worker, Inventor, or Writer.

People born under the Sign of Aquarius tend to have successful careers in the fields of communications, electronics, and aviation. They dislike being tied to a routine, and might do well out in the community working for the benefit of their fellow man in some way. Aquarius people shine in any career that offers them the scope to apply their ideals and utilize their unusual talents.

Aquarius men may discover that they can’t do a 9-to-5-job. They look for unique and unusual professions that give them the freedom which they need. They may decide to work as freelancer. Adventure, creativity, independence, need to be part of their career choice, otherwise they may not waste much time with it.

Aquarius women may not find their kind of occupation for a long time and they switch from one profession to another. Professions that allow you to be free and creative may be best for them, so at one point, they may consider working as a stewardess, do special effects for the film industry, or choose a profession that has to do with the occult.

As an employee Aquarians are very progressive and hardworking. They are of friendly nature but sometimes seem to be detached and impersonal. Aquarians have a gift of being at ease with their colleagues, and are often active members of societies and clubs in their spare time.


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Aquas hate violence.

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