Interpreting Kite formations in birth chart?


I’ve read a lot about kite formations and what they may mean. But, I have no idea as to exactly the kite formation in my chart means for me. And I would like to know. I also have a T-square and I want to know how this manifests as well.

The tip of the kite is in the 9th house, the 2 vertices are in the 7th and 11th house, and the end is in the 3rd house.

Capricorn moon, 9th house Capricorn uranus, 9th house Capricorn neptune, 9th house Scorpio pluto, 7th house Pisces mercury, 11th house Cancer mars, 3rd house

Can anyone give any insight as to what this means? Thanks in advance!

Here are my birth details: April 14, 1993 7:21 am Mumbai, India


Thank you for the data. To clarify, you have a Mercury-Mars-Pluto Grand Trine in Water with Mars opposed by a Neptune/Uranus/Moon stellium (3 or more planets conjunct at what’s reasonably considered 0° of orb), forming a kite which then spins from that kite opposition (the Mars-stellium opposition) into a Cardinal T-square.

You’re quite emotionally reserved (a point that’s noted even in your 12th house retrograde Venus in Aries), and yet I get the feeling that those serious emotions you possess may stem from a drive to be more, do more in the sense of some facet of your religious teachings. That can be an issue for you since Mars is opposed to this 9th house combination, and your Sun squares both Mars and the stellium. You are spiritual, imaginative and border on genius in what you feel driven to do.

Inside, I suspect, you are a constant swirling ball of nervous energy that longs to find some peace. You can become your worst enemy when you allow yourself the dubious pleasure of acting alone, emotionally and/or aggressively. You may become angry at things you see around you, in the neighborhood, in your daily travels, anything that has the potential of serving as an affront to those ideals you possess. Unfortunately, you can end up in confrontations with others who may feel you’re challenging what they stand for too. You need to be able to balance all this energy—and to be patient enough with others to understand that they may not go at the same speed you do. For that matter, it wouldn’t hurt you to understand that you can make mistakes you hadn’t intended to make as a result of your moving too quickly. Think of this kind of like driving a car with more horsepower than you’re capable of handling yet.

From the philosophical side of things, that stellium is a beautiful placement. You possess a genius and imagination that can propel you to improve on things in the world around you. But you need to use a gentle approach perhaps through your creative abilities. But the kite cautions that you must stay involved in the world rather than staying so self-contained that you forget others have a role in the world and in your life too. You can never go it alone. Exercise those gifts you have by sharing them with others instead of keeping them all to yourself.

It may be hard for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable to the potential for rejection, but that is the point of your kite that includes the Grand Water Trine, and it’s the point of your T-square that points you to the potential that this can be a strong focus of your life’s work. The heartbeat of your chart is simple yet powerful and says so much, pointing to the kite, the Grand Trine, and the T-square. All you think and do, all you act on and react to is caught up in that mutual reception of Uranus and Saturn and your Pluto rulership over Scorpio. You need to rise to your creative gifts and potential now to see what you have is something along the lines of alchemy. It’s almost magical. No, it’s not easy, but you’re obviously up to the challenge. Just don’t lose your humility or sight of the goal to stay involved rather than defeating yourself by creating your own self-focused world. You’re meant to be something more than that.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks so much Michelle! Love your insight and you hit the nail on the head! I’m starting to make sense of all this…thanks so much again!!!

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