Is a labiaplasty surgery safe?


These days, Labiaplasty is growing in popularity as women are turning to these procedures for a plenty of reasons. The common reasons include genital pain, cosmetic concerns about the look of vagina, vaginal anatomy reassignment after childbirth and several more. In general, there are certain risks associated with this procedure such as infection, bleeding, temporary numbness, pigmentation changes or sexual dysfunction but on the other hand it could be a safe procedure, if the surgeon is experienced enough. Before going for the surgery you should always consult with a specialist in the field so that you can be sure of getting quality treatment. Also, you must ask your doctor whether it will be good or not as per your overall anatomy. Although, similar to all cosmetic procedures, labiaplasty has its own risks and benefits but in-all it is a quick solution, if you are really concerned about larger labia or eager to escape unnecessary discomfort.

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