Is Ophiuchus personality different in women?


Is Ophiuchus personality different in women?


Ophiuchus stands for the kundalini energy which is the source of self-regenartion and healing and is equally important for man and women. I was born in the time frame of Ophiuchus and the more I look at it the more familar most of this feels:

Positive Traits:

  • They have a need to constantly keep trying something new and hate routines.
  • This sign is considered to be a mark of very clever individuals. Those that are intellectuals and seek knowledge.
  • They have a great sense of humor and like to have the element of humor in their lives.
  • They do things with an unmatched passion.
  • They are quite straightforward and say things as they are.
  • They have a lot of creativity and their imagination powers lets them constantly come up with newer things to explore.
  • They are very ethical and their sense of justice and the ‘fight for the right’ always comes through.
  • They have great love for languages and the arts.
  • They have very charismatic personalities that draws people to them.
  • They don’t do well with rules and have a strong sense of freedom and personal space.
  • These people are usually favored by figures in high orders.
  • They think with their hearts rather than their heads. So they have a passion for everything that they do.

Ophiuchus Personality Traits – Negative Signs So there’s the good and the bad in everything, right? Here are some of the bad traits that this sign portrays:

  • They are very impulsive at times and therefore can take wrong decisions in life.
  • They have a lot of pride in what they do and that is why they can get to be arrogant at times.
  • They are considered born flirts and that is why they find it difficult to get into monogamous relationships.
  • They can get very secretive and hide things from others.
  • They might have trust issues because they are easily affected by jealousy.
  • Their quality of being straightforward sometimes makes them have a very poison tongue which can hurt a lot of people.
  • They can get very sarcastic and therefore many people tend to be put off.
  • They might give in to procrastination.


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