Juno conjunct asteroid Union synastry?


I saw this in a synastry chart between someone else and I. Can someone help me answer this? I appreciate it!! Thank you!


I have this with my current partner – it is in late Saggitarius exact. We are 18 months apart (same generation).

We also have a Neptune conjunction (including his Juno). Definitely fireworks in the bed room. It’s more than just sex though. We feel a deep, subconscious sense of belonging. We get lost in each other’s energy when we merge passionately. It’s very intense not animalistic though. Our energy flows and we can be in bed for hours. It’s truly a beautiful connection.

Yes, union with a Juno will create a sense of being committed to each other effortlessly. Look at the sign each Asteroid is in. Our case it’s a FIRE sign so we need plenty of space and advebture. My moon opposes his Juno.

For further reference – HIS union conjuncts MY mercury in Aquarius exact (also turning my moon &!Pluto). I have a grand Air trine in my chart. I could go on. Look at mutual receptions & Daw (double whammy) as well. Wishing you all the best in your UNION together.

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