Lilith transit 8th house?


How long does it last and what are the effects? Thanks. Natal Lilith is in the 4th house, in Aries.


This transit is good for about 6 to 8 months. This transit can provoke a desire to suddenly change the status of what you share with your partner. You may also decide that you’re not sexually satisfied with your partner and you may act and speak up to find out why that is the case. You seek a greater understanding for you sexuality, but chances are you are not doing it in a diplomatic way. Since the current Lilith is Gemini, look for aspects to your natal Mercury. If your Mercury has challenging aspects, Lilith may complicate your relationships. Good things can happen as well. You intimate relationship can grow into a more understanding and trusting relationship, if you have a partner who listens to you. Absolute honesty is the key here, but connecting your erotic needs to your mind is the first step.

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unless you are ‘very’ self aware you may not even notice anything with this transit, after all it’s an asteriod, not a planet and lots of astrologers don’t even use asteriods.

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