Mars in the Seventh house?


Is it different for man and for women?


Nothing different whether male or female. Mars in the house indicates the areas of life in which a person expresses actions and desires. It is where you exert the most energy and the areas connected with conflict. In 7th, it usually involves violence, abuse, disagreements in marriage, social life. The partner usually has Mars traits. Briefly, there is always an urge to dominate the partner. The outcome and how it plays out depends on the aspects to Mars.

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This placement is important because it can dictate the pace of the relationship for both better and for worse. It’s good because it will motivate the partners to continuously “push” each other, which can be productive individually. If either partners has issues with power that is not flowing, but rigid, this placement will stall the relationship and turn into a nightmare. But generally, people with this placement fight to maintain the relationship (even though it doesn’t look like that) and put an extra effort to protect it.

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Circumstances This influence tends to bring you into circumstances where there is clash and enmity with others. Try, therefore, to sidestep such conflicts for they do you no good. Unless well aspected, you are less likely to succeed in negotiations, dissensions, agreements of any kind if you try to affect them personally. You do better by getting things done through a tried and trusted friend or coworker. You tend to be drawn into litigation, so unless you current cycle is very favorable, side-step this and affect agreement through arbitration or agreement rather than through fight. Guard against being drawn into physical fights. In war, males born thus are invariably wounded and even taken prisoner. If well aspected, there is favor for partnership where there is energetic, physical cooperation as in dancing, acrobatics, fencing, boxing, etc. It rules skating clubs, drills, balances; artificial teeth, dental display; military court marital, law courts; high-colored paints and enamels, acid etching, metal engraving.

Health This placement tends to functional kidney disturbance through injuries or inhalation of acrid, pungent substances such as turpentine; emotional upsets; also to skin troubles through contact with irritant substances as poison ivy, and to burns due to contact with acid substances. To a lesser extent it tends to head and eye injuries inflicted by others. If very adversely aspected you should insure your sight against damage. In early life you may be subject to scarlet fever, measles and like eruptive skin conditions.


Thus the seventh house rules intimate one-to-one relationships of all kinds (including marriage, business and counseling relationships), open enemies and conflicts, lawsuits and the lower courts. Planets in the seventh house indicate areas in our lives that need relationships to bring them out, and the houses ruled by seventh house planets are those “areas.” Many planets here indicate many needs that we are looking for others to fill. In this case many relationships (or more than one marriage) is probable, as it’s unlikely that one individual would fill all those needs. Individuals with so much projected energy feel a void in their lives, and may encourage others to be dependent, or even pick fights rather than be alone.


Answered almost 7 years ago
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