Mars retrograde eliminates passive-aggressive behaviors?


And it eliminates martyrdom and helps resolve self-esteem issues. It sounds nice but would you agree with it? I read it in TMA, by Stephanie Austin (page 106).


It may work towards the (unespected) release of emotional issues, but I can’t see it as a smooth process. I like how HeavenlyTruth describes it here: “Over the next couple of months, watch for warning signs of impending implosion due to control issues, excessive anxiety/worry, or stuck energy building up the tension level, like water pressure behind a dam. Because Mars represents our drive, will, and to a certain extent our power, by extension it also represents our energy, especially physical energy, so keep a watch over your health during this period as well. When we’re emotionally clogged, it’s easier to get physically backed up as well (Virgo rules the digestive system—guard against anxiety and tummy upset).”


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