Mars square Venus in synastry?


How does it work for a couple? Here the chart.


I think it’s basically an emotionally charged relationship where neither will bend to meet the idealistic expectations each have of each other.

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Your Mars conjunct the MC is close to his Descendant in Leo. His 9th house Venus is close to your Ascendant In Scorpio. the placements of their show strong influence that you have on each other. The sexual and romantic attraction is very strong in this case. But when the tension rises you need to stay together and work on it. Conflicts are related to mainly to timing and approach. You need to go beyond you momentary ego needs and stubbornness. This tension can benefit you both, you career-wise, and him with having some to share his knowledge and travel as well.

Here some more experiences with this aspect:

“Venus may find Mars too aggressive, and may feel the Mars person is only interested in her for sexual gratification. She may feel uncomfortable with Mars’ direct approach, and may feel he is too aggressive. The Mars person may find the Venus person too flowery and sensitive, or even prudish. Issues of jealousy and possessiveness are likely with this aspect.

This aspect works best when it is mutual (i.e. person A’s Venus aspects B’s Mars, and A’s Mars aspects B’s Venus). If the aspect is unilateral, it is traditionally believed that it works best when the man is the Mars person, and the woman is the Venus person. Mars is a masculine planet, and often takes on the role of the “pursuer”, while Venus is female, and is usually the submissive partner. I’ve known couples that have this aspect, but the woman is the Mars person and the man is the Venus person, but it did not work well. He told me, “She’s like a man!” which he didn’t like at all. However, this really depends on the rest of synastry, as well as how comfortable the man feels being in a more “submissive” role.“ by astrologyanonymous27

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