Moon conjunct ascendant in synastry?


If his moon is conjunct my Ascendant in Libra, what does it mean? Thanks.


In Synastry this can be a prelude to a very strong bond. Moon conjunct Ascendant will make it easy for him to share his emotions and with Libra involved you will appreciate this openness, and respond by sharing your feelings as well.

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“You really feel that you know one another very well. There is a genuine feeling of intimacy and closeness between you. It is not by chance that you have come into each other’s lives; you are meant to be together in some capacity. This is an especially personal connection. You are emotionally in tune with one another and are able to pick up on each other’s feelings easily. However, you can, on occasion, get moody and irritable with each other. As a couple you seem natural together and make others feel at ease in your company.” from our report

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True. My friend male has his moon conjunct my ascendant and I have my moon conjunct his. We also have sun – moon conjunction and venus – moon conjunction. We really feel comfortable together and we’ve known each other for only a month!

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I think this means that he pours his soul in front of you. Sometimes the moon person is uncomfortable with this feeling. But I believe you just know what he feels. For the moon person, the ascendant acts as the confidante. He is very emotionally bonded with the ascendant person. His feelings come flowing in front of the ascendant person and the asc person can see through him.

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First of all you would have to have a fairly accurate TOB, the max orbs for synastry are 3' + or –

“Moon conjunct other person’s Ascendant

You will feel a strong and quite natural emotional connection with each other. Very likely, you will stimulate a wide range of emotions in each other. You are even likely to tap into the past and bring forth feelings long held in check. You may be so much at ease in each other’s company that you reveal personal information naturally, surprising both of you. Something about the other person makes you feel safe enough to allow this. Emotions arise readily but may not always be comfortable and easy to deal with. In the moment, you may feel free to tell all but after the fact, you may be concerned about what you’ve so readily expressed. There’s no way around it, this relationship will be a strongly emotional one. Be careful of projecting past experiences into the current relationship. The aspect asks you to deal with stored emotions and how you are using the past in relation to the present moment. You will find yourselves sorting through a great deal of sensitive feelings and the sheer flood of emotions can be overwhelming at times. Growing too dependent on your partner to satisfy too many of your emotional needs could be another issue here. You will each have to decide which emotions of the other you can integrate and how best to handle the inevitable extra sensitivity you generate when you are together. Sometimes the emotional reactiveness to each other creates misunderstanding or you rub each other the wrong way. Trust and caring will be vital in your relationship to calm the waves of emotion. Reassure each other but give each other a break. It is important that you find an outlet for your excess emotions. Giving to others in some form of joint community service could be one way that works for you. Creative outlets could be another.“ from cafeastrology

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I am a libra ascendant with south node, moon and pluto. He is an aries ascendant with moon in capricon.

His mars is conjunct scorpio and Pluto in Libra in his chart. My mars conjunct Saturn and Uranus in scorpio and Neptune in Sagittarius. He also has his Neptune with Jupiter in Sagittarius and South node with Uranus in Scorpio.

We became more close during Saturn transit in libra and attached during Saturn and mars in Scorpio. I feel he is from my past life, I guide him towards his aspirations and caution him of risks, He acts as my strength towards my personal independence and goals. We both want aim at our financial independence, though he makes my knees weak and I feel obsessed with him.

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