Moon conjunct North Node in synastry?


Is this aspect about a really strong karmic connection?


Mmm – it at the very least, implies very strong emotional attachments. And, unlike the south node, as the NN implies two people would ‘grow’ together, and support each other emotionally through turmoil – it could be taken as an aspect that smooths considerably over harsher ones.

Though it is not the same as harmonious sun moon contacts, I’d reckon it gives somewhat of the same, comforting affections in the relationship in addition to the protective/nurturing role the moon would receive towards NN. NN would be encouraged to expand in this connection differing from sun/moon. After all, any Nodal tie is a catalysator for the node person to continuously develop.

In closing, I’d place my bets on this aspect being a major in the survival of a relationship, where it can indicate an emotional ‘will’ to endure and pull through. Our moon is our emotional life, whereas venus, however strong; is given more, IMO, as challenge for NN to open up for affections, and deals at large through romance. Both strong, but a moon there seriously solidifies any contact, meguesses.


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Thanks for your illuminating answer :)


“The North Node profits by the Moon, and a harmonious relationship is enjoyed. There is a strong emotional bond between them.” from Nodes: Life’s Purpose by Helen Adams Garrett

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Here one more (I have it with my gf)

When your Moon conjuncts your partner’s North Node, you will be deeply affected by your relationship. Neither of you will forget each other, as this relationship is meaningful on a deep level to you both. There are life-size themes of nurturing and safety in this relationship. The Moon person expresses qualities that the North Node person, on a subconscious level, needs to develop in order to grow spiritually. The attraction can be intense, and the relationship itself will be a distinctly emotional connection. Issues of security, taking care of each other, and protection are dominant ones in this partnership. There is an instant bond between the two of you, almost as if this relationship feels “meant to be”. The ties are strong, and the bond is hard to break. If you do part, both of you will feel attached to the memory of the relationship and the person, and if you were to meet again, you would not feel any distance between you.

There is an instant attraction and sympathy between you. If there is discomfort in the relationship, it will likely come from the North Node person, as there is a sense of fatedness involved here. The Moon person may feel that he or she gives more emotionally than the North Node person at times, but will generally be comfortable with this role.

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