My South Node conjunct his Neptune?


In his 6th house. Here the original question: my S.N. (which is in Saggitarius, in my 6th house) is conjunct his NN (in Sagittarius, in his 6th house). Alternatively, his South node (Gemini, 1st house) is conjunct my North Node (in Gemini, 1st house). His S.N. is conjunct my Chiron (in my 1st house) and that my S.N. is conjunct his Neptune, (in his 6th house).



About SN conjunct his Neptune (in his 6th house).

His Neptune conjunct your south node is important especially since Neptune is your ruler. Since south node also indicates past lives and when in such a close aspect, it brings the feeling of an old bond revived. Maybe he was your spiritual teacher or a healer in some past life. Maybe you were making music together. Maybe you had a joint pagan sect. The bond is very spiritual and it’s a deep inner knowingness that makes you feel that “he knows” without much need for explanations.

If Venus is conjunct the south node, it is a past-life lover and you share a haunting chemistry with them. The sun and the moon can indicate a parent; Jupiter, a teacher and so on.

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chiron in signs and houses

learn about composite charts

“Neptune Conjunct North Node: You’re attuned to what is socially popular and acceptable. You’re intuitively at the right place at the right time. However, you tend to get swept along in fads and often go along with the crowd because it’s the easy way out and this can lead to disaster. You must learn to exercise discrimination.” http://www.oocities.org/rbltre/astro/neasnn.html

now although Neptune can be spiritual it ALSO can be illusions, confusions and delusions around matters of SOuth Node house

So South Node is past habits and comfort zone, and North Node is the area where New patterns of behaviour and habits can be formed.

“Chiron in Aspect to the Moon’s Nodes -this is for Natal so just Adapt…. This is confined to comments about the square and conjunction. When Chiron squares the Nodes, individuals may feel blocked by their wounds, and limitations; they stumble over the same issues (suggested by house and sign placement) every time they try to go forward in life. They often have a strong sense of destiny which will not let them rest ! With Chiron squaring the Nodes, out limitations and wounds need to be included in our self concept and idea of our purpose in life; any attempts to forge ahead by trying to exclude them result in crisis. Our whole idea of self actualisation may need to be re examined, perhaps transformed from an ¬achievement oriented and one sided idea of "spiritual progress” to one which addresses the whole person. The lives of people who have Chiron conjunct either Node strongly reflect the Chironian themes. They may embody one of the figures from the myth, living out the role of teacher, wise person, healer, mentor, saviour, victim, sufferer, wounded one, wounder, devotee or apprentice. They will have a strong sense of VOCATION in Chironian fields such as teaching or healing; alternatively they may have intimate relationships with therapists, priests, people who are ill or physically or mentally handicapped.

When Chiron is in hard aspect to the Nodes, if its themes are not lived consciously, perhaps through commitment to a personal quest for consciousness or following a healing vocation; they usually manifest themselves anyway, and can even take over the person’s life in a negative way."

natal chiron in first house is the mark of a healer, great at helping others but not great at taking your own advices.

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I have chiron in first house to, so see if any of this resonates

“Chiron in Aries and the First House With Chiron here we find a wound in this area, often a deeply buried one. Often you may feel motivated to champion a cause on someone else’s behalf, like a knight in shining armour, but with no will of your own. Grandiose displays of bravado and fighting spirit compensate for the pain, self doubt and fear underneath, which could drive you into a repeating cycle of futile and self destructive endeavours. A tendency to take action prematurely, translating emotional tension immediately into action. Often becoming unable to ask for help and support in your conviction that you must "go it alone.” One person with Chiron in the first house said, “Where there ought to be a sense of ME, there is an enormous hole and a pain beyond my ability to endure it.”

With Chiron in Aries or the lst house, your spontaneous expressions of passion, being or will may have been crushed in childhood, either subtly or overtly with stock phrases as; “ I want never gets,” or “Children should be seen and not heard.” Repressive child rearing methods such as schedule feeding, LACK OF PHYSICAL HOLDING and mirroring and premature systematic toilet training often accompany the early wounds of this placement. The results can be a deep confusion and the belief that what we want indeed WHO WE ARE is not acceptable, and that we must not reach out to satisfy our desires. A paralysis of the “will” follows, and understandably, a deep, often misplaced rage lies underneath.

Later on in life, we may feel that we must conceal what we truly want, or it will be destroyed by outside forces. Hence, we find ourselves instead getting exactly what we do not want. Owning up to what we DO WANT might initially create panic because it touches our wounded area.

Sometimes the early environment of those with this placement is hostile and full of suppressed or overt aggression, which compounds feelings of timidity and lack of self worth and personal rights. Then survival becomes equated with learning how to please and placate others (7th house echo). Conversely we find individuals with this placement who struggle until their “will” is so inflated that they appear as virtual personifications of will, drive, energy and enthusiasm. A rugged, pioneering quality sometimes characterise this Chiron placement.

If Chiron is conjunct the Ascendant, beginnings may be difficult. You either rush into starting something, or you hesitate even get ill rather than make decisions. Often, behind this you might have found that, the experience of physical birth was often particularly significant or traumatic. Chiron conjunct Ascendant in Aquarius always consulted an astrologer or medium before making decisions, as she was terrified of “getting it wrong.” Chiron in Aquarius is quite capable of rejecting people who do not fit the bill, and this is reminiscent of Chiron’s rejection by their mother.

Chiron in the 1st house is a very common placement for healers and therapists. Very early in life, even in the womb or during birth, a person can take on the role of the healer as regards his family (maybe being born, just the right sex helped; therefore healing the parents!) and friends, and this continues throughout life, perhaps even becoming a career. Sometimes, people with Chiron here struggle hard to find ¬something they can DO which will bring them the sense of “being” they lack. They may set themselves well-nigh impossible tasks, loaded with all the intensity of a search for confirmation that they exist. Often, this is the futile struggle which has to be given up.

But this placement is also frequently found in the horoscopes of people who are in fact ORIGINATORS, UNIQUE ONE OFF INDIVIDUALS, perhaps precisely because the inner being has had such a struggle. Even lesser mortals with this placement have an urge to be the first, the best and the only! The theme of physical disability or life changing initiatory illness is a frequent one with Chiron in the 1st house or Aries. Just as some with this placement will identify themselves as healers, others will identify themselves as victims, without realising that they are caught in an archetypal pattern which is blurring the truth of their feelings and their situation. The positive attribute of this placement suggests; have the capacity to enable and empower others, (7th house polarity) being so aware of their own deep powerlessness in the face of the immensity of the universe.

Living close to the edges of existence, they often give the impression of being rather wild and untamable; they are often loners, even if married or in a committed relationship. They may also personify qualities of others. Several times people with this placement who have spent long intense years searching for a missing and elusive sense of identity, only to discover that when they gave up the search and accepted their nothingness, an ¬enormous vitality and sense of being followed; the spark of being finally ignited !

With this Chiron placement, often comes a knack for timing actions intuitively to “grasp the moment.” Yours may be a unique combination of compassion and appropriate action, an ability to be highly innovative and to take the initiative, especially where the welfare of others is at stake. You gain strength through conquest and fighting difficulties, but you must also learn the lesson of how to be a “noble rival” to those with whom you ¬compete. If you succeed in treading the narrow path of neither succumbing to passive aggression not obliquely action out de¬structiveness, you may come to feel the “Will of life” flowing through you.

Whether or not you work in the healing field, you probably have the capacity to act as a catalyst in situations, and to touch the inner being of others; although your wound is your doubt of your own existence, you are probably quite magnetic as a personality, so don’t be surprised if others react strongly to you."

By Melanie Reinhart

I Have also heard of Chiron conjunct asc being bullied…

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I loved Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul (Bantam Classics)

You may find this book very interesting:Cosmic Love: Secrets of the Astrology of Intimacy Revealed

It’s definitely on my list.

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If you want to learn reading composite charts I recommend this great book by John Townley: Composite Charts; The Astrology of Relationships. He has one more brilliant book: Planets in Love: Exploring Your Emotional and Sexual Needs

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