Near Death Experiences and Astrology?


ARIES: “Who’s in charge here? I’d like to see God right now, please. Am I dead? Gee, I never thought that could happen to me! Where can I get a crystal palace backlit with white light like that one?”

TAURUS: Leaving the body, Taurus realizes that he or she no longer has a stomach and immediately returns to the body (thud!), without seeing tunnels, light, God, etc., making Taurus skeptical for the rest of his or her life.

GEMINI: The key thing to the zodiacal twins isn’t the experience itself, but how they can embellish it when telling the story (or writing about it). Since Geminis are comfortable in all worlds, except those without telephones, they usually bounce back to the body fairly rapidly— and the mouth tends to work before the rest of the body comes back to life.

CANCER: Cancerians can live to be 125 years old, and they don’t usually have near death experiences, but they can come awfully close to having a near life experience when they get brave and venture out of their house for “supplies.”

LEO: “Nooooooo, I am NOT dead. I am not, I am not, I am not … Who are those guys in the white robes? What’s that they’re singing … ? They’re off key. I can sing better than that! Where’s the choir director? I need a microphone immediately. Unless it’s Rolling Stone or Spin, hold my calls.”

VIRGO: Working a marathon 60 hours straight, Virgo collapses and leaves the body. She moves through that delightfully clean and sparkling tunnel of light, occasionally reflecting upon possible improvements … but soon becomes so worried by the thought of her loved ones “managing” without her that she snaps back into the body like white lightning, sits up, and calmly pronounces herself alive, glancing at her watch.

LIBRA: Floating out of the body, then in, then out, then in, and finally out again … Libra sees a tunnel and a vibrant being of light at the other end. “Wow, is that Jesus? Wait a minute, maybe it’s Kwan Yin. That looks like something she’d wear.” Never deciding whether to go through the tunnel (after all, what’s death without someone to share it with?) Libra ends up back in the body by default, hounded by a mysterious compulsion to start a dating service for discarnate souls.

SCORPIO: Since most Scorpio’s have nine lives, they tend to brainstorm different ways to trigger the near death experience. Once nearly dead, most can barely get to the end of the tunnel without meeting some being with whom they have astral sex. When asked whom they prefer to greet them on the other side, 75% name a favorite vampire, and Medusa is a strong contender.

SAGITTARIUS: Sag floats out of her body and has to laugh at the stupid way she bought the farm. After somehow BREAKING the tunnel of light, she absolutely refuses to return to the body, since she’s been trying to get out of it for all these years (via clumsy accidents). Because Sag is immensely curious about whether the so-called organized religious have any validity at all, this stroke of luck leads to some amaaaaaazing lessons, until, alas, the astral folks tire of her and trick her into returning to Earth for the duration.

CAPRICORN: It might take Capricorn a little while to realize he’s dead because there are special rooms set up to look like executive offices for newly-dead Goats. A sharp-looking, older gentleman-ghost comes in and gives Cap an instruction manual titled HOW TO PROFIT IN THE ASTRAL MARKETPLACE, plus a “job evaluation” type assessment of Cap’s achievements and mistakes over the lifetime, followed by a pink slip (meaning the body revived). Caps tend to return to their bodies quickly, unable to tolerate non-physical existence for long.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius gets to the pearly gates, sees that heaven isn’t run by consensus, and opts for hell, where at least there is an appealing anarchy and rules are made to be broken. Ironically, Aquarian near-death experiences tend to be extremely traditional, i.e., God the Father, St. Peter, the celestial choir and so on (another reason to rebel and opt for hell). Once in the underworld, they bedevil the hell out of Satan and his cronies with their loud and vigorous campaigns for progressive reforms, and are quickly expelled back to the body.

PISCES: For some reason, our Piscean friends barely notice their near death experiences. Instead, during a typical day at the office, many Pisceans report seeing beings with long-suffering expressions on their faces and who patiently tell the Piscean to go back to his or her body.


Haha.. I’ll tell you a true story of mine. I used go through a lot of sleep paralysis not so long ago. One time it came across as so real that I couldn’t move at all and kept trying to open my eyes but it felt so heavy and tight so I couldn’t wake up.

I was sleeping one evening and the sleep paralysis hit me. My body felt heavy and stiff as a corpse. Having been through that like a hundred times before I stopped the panicking and resisting. So I just stopped. There was a dark force pinning me down so I gave in, chuckled, and tried to have sex with it. As soon I did that the force violently yanked me up towards the sky and sucked me into a vortex.

It felt real and I realized that I was being taken away. As I was traveling up I just didn’t feel my body so I knew it was over. When I got yanked that’s where I felt the transition. I just remember saying, “Jesus?!” Also thinking or saying, “I was just playing. I didn’t mean to! I haven’t even started living my life!”

And then the vortex let me go. It’s funny now but it was very symbolic. Still is. I still had to resist in the end and fight the force so I could wake up. Everything was vivid when I woke up.. And I just had to sit there and contemplate for a while. I felt dizzy. And like a zombie.

Source: Virgo

If you are interested in this topic I highly recommend this article by Kari Noren-Hoshal:

The Astrology of the Near Death Experience ~ Part 1

Ask anyone born between 1960 and early 1965 (when Chiron in Pisces opposed Pluto in Virgo) whether they have had a brush with death, or know someone who has, and the answer will be a resounding affirmative. It was during a session with a student of mine that nearly did not live to see her 23rd birthday, that I began my research on the near death experience. The feeling of connectedness that she felt at the moment she thought she might not live, brought back the simultaneously painful and euphoric memory of my own near brush with death at age fifteen.

What I discovered as I continued my research both surprised me and made perfect sense. People born in the early 1960s and other time periods when Chiron made close hard aspects to Pluto, Neptune, Uranus or Saturn had either had a brush with death of their own or had a profoundly life-changing experience relating to the death of someone close to them. Additionally, those who had had a near death experience had gone on to make that experience a stepping stone to the development of significant healing and human service.



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