Neptune transit conjunct natal Saturn?


What could be the benefits of this transit?


Robert Hand refers to this time as the “dark night of the Soul”.

This can be a difficult Neptune aspect, due to the confusion and depression that it brings with it. Your worldview will be challenged by events that bring doubt to what has been a fairly solid belief for you. You may be feeling fear from an unknown source that you can’t put a face on. Saturn denotes a solid reality structure, while Neptune brings possibilities of several realities. As you begin to see the possibilities, your belief in one solid reality begins to diminish, and you are left without the safety of understanding your world without question. Truth becomes relative, and this shakes your faith in what you have believed all your life. Robert Hand refers to this time as the “dark night of the Soul”.

The good part is that this is the prelude to a growth in our ability to coexist in more than one reality.

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“Whenever I see Saturn and Neptune teamed up, I keep thinking about something Rob Hand once said: "Saturn is the illusion that there is a reality; Neptune is the truth that there isn’t.”

Though these are transits experienced by a lot of people at the same time, Saturn transiting a natal Neptune can be personal. On the positive side, you can find structure or the discipline (Saturn) for making a dream (Neptune) come true. Or, you can find the cold light of day (Saturn) weighing in on a cherished dream/illusion/perception (Neptune). One can find the chickens coming home to roost (Saturn) re Neptunian matters—an addiction, a psychosomatic illness, whatever. I’ve found this to be a reasonably good transit for musicians. However, it is not always the best for perceptions or evaluating situations. Your rose-colored glasses can get in the way, and Saturn can symbolize the consequences."

Michele Adler

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Your thoughts and imagination may now lean towards being fearful, pessimistic and confused…rather than open and optimistic. You may feel that no matter what you do, how hard you try….nothing seems to be going your way – and that there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. But it must be remembered that negative thoughts breed more negativity and self doubt. Having explored the depths of your soul – the light will shine again. Because the planet Saturn is sitting heavily on the more idealistic and optimistic side of your character, it will be difficult to lift your spirits. But don’t sit around the house wallowing in self pity. Make the effort to socialise – as sharing love and friendship will help to unburden the heaviness of your soul. Feeling less confident, you may now rely on others much more than usual to make decisions and lead the way. Avoiding the spotlight…you’ll now let others take centre stage and concede to their wishes and actions. In other words, you’ll put others needs before your own. This element of self sacrifice can actually be beneficial to you in the long term…and can be a positive manifestation of this particular Saturn transit affecting you now. However, do watch your health during this time. Don’t ignore any warning signals that you body starts to send out – respect your health.

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Neptune may expand vision and add cherished dreams to an otherwise stark reality softening us up and opening doors to higher perceptions. Frightening as this might be.

There is always the risk that these dreams and illusions turned into disappointments. But a well aspected Saturn may cooperate to add a factual seal of approval cleverly preventing delusion and the native may find him/herself in a new path towards personal growth.

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