Neptune transit square natal Moon? Poor objectivity?


How does this transit play out if the Moon is on IC in Gemini, and Neptune is in the 6th house? Are bad decisions a possibility during this transit? Thanks for your asnwers.

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I would be really helpful if you posted a link from astro.com free charts for us to evaluate properly. When you get the chart, save to hard drive, then upload to free photobucket and paste the ‘direct link’ in here….


This aspect will make you emotionally vulnerable, feeling uncontrollably “open” towards emotional stimuli. You’ll be more receptive and empathetic than usual, but because of the nature of the aspect, this hyper-sensitivity will tend to work not necessarily “against you” – just maybe stronger than u might expect and you’ll feel invaded and unprepared. It can bring sudden changes to your employment situation. You may be looking for a cleaner job with a more naturalness.

If Neptune dominates, it’ll probably get really confusing and intense mentally and emotionally speaking. You’ll be stimulated to follow some great ideal, some great belief and the desire to merge with it will be so great that you’ll be inclined to leave your roots and everything u called “home” up to that point behind, and set off on a spiritual journey. The problem with Neptune is that it doesn’t guarantee safety. You have to be strong enough to not let yourself get caught in its powerful waves. It’ll try to trick u into seeing “God” just about anywhere, and u risk losing your camel in search of a mirage.

Medically speaking, be careful with any excesses of weird substance-especially liquids(like alcohol). They might cause damage to the stomach. Be also careful about getting depressed or melancholic, which can indirectly cause digestion problems.

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first thing that would come to my mind is confused domestic cirucmstances. A lot would depend on how moon is aspected, really we need to see your chart from astro.com with transits, found in extended chart selection.

All transits simply act as background influences until they make a mathematical aspect to another planet or angle ie: Ascendant and Midheaven.

learn about transits

learn how to read an ephemeris, the glyphs are the shorthand for signs/planets http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/showthread.php?t=42496

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Hi guys, I have this same transit going on and have been for a while, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the experience. First i would like to say that with this influence, if you are looking for love, you may not find it. This transit brings about many chances to meet more people, but in terms of love, you won’t find it at this point in time and neither will what you find stay. Of course it could also be that other transits going in will change the flavor of this influence.

A good example is the fact I had Pluto transiting my DC, Venus, and Sun placements going back and forth over them since about 2014. Pluto still has a retrograde to do with Sun and this transit to Sun will last until 2019 or possibly quite longer (i use orbs of 3 for all aspects). The changes as i understood here were changes in how my Self was stripped to the core, and with Venus 3 degrees away from my Sun and conjunct Descendant, there were major life lessons i had to learn. In this instance, My self was reborn, the way i love was reborn and even up to the way i really felt was stripped down as well. I found that the transit to Venus really changed the way i viewed love and beauty, but also got me into the mode to look for ways to make money for financial security (something us Capricorns really need). The transit to Sun was necessary looking at my chart because this is a time when my Chiron and Ascendant Yods are both being activated. Part of the theme is in Bringing out my true self (activating my Sun/MC quintile). Also bringing out my assertiveness with a Mars return While Jupiter also transits Mars. I could explain more but if you guys want to see my chart you guys can click on the link below.

The Neptune square moon will challenge the ability to hear your intuition, these other voices that we may hear are actually conscious thoughts, as opposed to intuitive ones. One word of advice for anyone with this transit going on; just go with the flow. This influence may appear to make things dreamy too, so make sure you have some Saturnian influence around you to keep you grounded or even having a Capricorn friend can be useful. For those of you that are Capricorn, my advice to you is to really tell uour intuition apart from conscious thoughts. For that I just keep my eyes on the goal, and if writing it down helps to cement it into your thought pattern, then do it. I like to remind people that our thoughts become reality, so if your thoughts are on success then that is what will come your way. Also when that depression classic with this transit hits, it is best to occupy yourself with stuff that you love to keep yourself in positive spirits.


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