Osama Bin Laden's death Chart?


The charts a posted here but none is really commenting. What do you think?



Here one strange comment:

Bin Laden’s death chart Moon is at 25 Aries.

1) It trines his sunrise North Node at 26 degrees Sagittarius, the degree of the Galactic Center! He was a man connected with the destinies of nations, even when he was in a cave!

2) That trine plus the trine to Pluto 28 Leo, forms a Grand Trine. Perhaps it was good it went quickly. I think there will be more to the story in time. Perhaps good will come of it in as yet unforeseeable ways.

3) It inconjuncts his Jupiter 27 Virgo that squares the Galactic Center, a schism between family and funerals – he was ‘buried’ at sea. And his son was killed.

4) It sextiles his sunrise Moon 27 Gemini, which was opposite the Galactic Center. In some charts the Moon rules the People, in others it is the women and children, your family and home. Certainly, we are hearing amazing points of view about the event. The Moon is a fast moving factor, so it wouldn’t be expected, but in both charts, the Royal Wedding and this one, the Moons are connected with the Galactic Center, making international news. Both of these events then, are connected with the Mayan Sacred Tree/Crossroads of Dec 21, 2012 calendar end/turnover, since the Sacred Tree center occurs only 6 degrees of the Galactic Center!


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Bin Laden : by Lynn Koiner

The first chart for bin Laden cannot be verified. I doubt very much that there is a birth certificate for this man. This chart was circulated right after 9/11. But, it is something for you to work with in your studies.

Bin Laden chart

Some aspects of the progressions and transits can be taken into consideration: Solar Arc Mercury square Uranus and the 2ndary Progressed Mars is at 29 Gemini, close to the supposed Moon position.

I have an article on my website, The Part of Transformation, a Point (10 Capricorn 09, if the time is exact) often triggered at death or at the time of a major life transformation.

The transiting Cardinal T-Square with Aries Stellium-Saturn-Pluto were afflicting this Point but, most significant, this Point bracketed by two major eclipses – a Solar Eclipse on January 4 at 13 Capricorn and a Solar Eclipse on July 1 at 9 Cancer. If this birth time is reasonably correct, there is a Solar Eclipse on June 1 at 11 Gemini.

I waited to hear the various reports on the timing for the attack on bin Laden. On ABC News in Washington DC, a bin Laden neighbor said that he heard shots being fired and it was 1 am. I am using this first hand report. Another news agency reported that the operation started at 1:30am, Pakistan Time and it continued for 30 minutes.

In the U.S. chart, this same transiting Cardinal T-Square is hitting the Stellium in Cancer square Saturn in Libra. The U.S. is having its Saturn Return. The Saturn Return is a marker for maturation. The U.S. Progressed Sun is trining its natal Jupiter at this time.

NOTE: The strange symbol in Aries is Eris and the symbol in Leo that looks like Mars is Transpluto. I consider this to be Points of Transformation as their 4 to 5 year transit over a single degree will trigger transformations in our lives.


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Would it be possible to see from Bin Laden’s death chart if the treats of a revenge to the US should be seriously considered?

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Additional to the birth chart:

The fix star ALGOL is in conj. with his Mars, within an Orbis of 1°, and with Ketu in house 12.

Here I would be very interested in the interpretation of our palmists from Pakistan and India, because the old Western tradition for this constellation is unambiguous.

The fix (King’s) star REGULUS stands in conj. with the redrograd Pluto down in house 4, within an Orbis of 1°, too.

Regards Manfred


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