pallas conjunct sun ?


pallas conjunct sun ?

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is this in the natal chart Or synastry chart?


Pallas Athene can be about the need to take a stand for something, and sometimes loyalty. Also it can represent the need to own something about ourselves we fear we might not be successful if we own. She’s also the wise warrior archetype, different from Mars because she considers things and doesn’t go off half-cocked and on adrenaline. Sun is about taking up space, being a unique individual, and being seen as unique. It’s about creativity and vitality, too. So, this person will need to own creativity, be loyal to the self and one’s value system, and integrate taking up space and owning and sharing her opinion. My book Living Myth has more info on this, and I’m teaching a video class on asteroids and centaurs beginning August in which Pallas Athene will be included. Peace, Tom

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“Pallas Aspecting the Sun: This person will tend to be good at problem solving and pattern recognition. If the aspects are harmonious (conjunction, sextile, or trine), these abilities will tend to be easily accepted both by the person themselves and those around them. If the aspects are stressful, then the solutions and patterns they come up may cause a clash with authority figures. ”

from bobmarksastrologer.com/Pallas21.2.html

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If you are talking about a conjunction in a birth chart, then this suggest very strong personality, very present. Pallas is already intellectually strong, with the energy of the sun, it makes her even more visible.

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