Pluto conjunct south node synastry


Pluto conjunct south node synastry

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Hi Sue could you please share the placement of Pluto – the sign and the houses, and your Ascendant as well. Thanks.


Is it positive if the persons pluto is in retrograde. So ketu would be in the person’s pluto retrograde. Right at home, no?

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This can be a truly challenging aspect for a couple. This aspect will drive the couple to use their sexual energies wisely, and not play any kind of power and head games with each other. The South Node person needs to live up to the new perspectives offered by the Pluto person. They will be cathartic and sexually liberating. The love vibration of the South Node person needs to transmute and clear the sense of emergency that the Pluto person is bringing into the relationship. If a discomfort and coldness arises, the relationship can enter a crises that is almost impossible to resolve. However, as they say “It takes Two to Tango”, and this synastric aspect will involve two strong characters that need to cherish and understand each other, because such an opportunity to grow and learn about the self while experience the controllable intensity of love may not come again.


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