Pluto transiting second house?


How will this influence my financial situation?


Let’s say Pluto is strong natally and represents a history of murky family dynamics, but is now transiting the 2nd or 8th. People who are locked into the past could relive the same dynamics and negative outcomes in their finances as were seen in the house arena of natal Pluto.

If you’re still festering with mistrust, resentments, grievances, and hatred of those in power, you can transfer these patterns to your relationships, specifically to how you and people you are enmeshed with handle the issue of finances.

Unhealed Plutonians can be bitter, negative, cynical, and easily offended. A new round of healing tools, on the other hand, can turn the pattern around and bring a new freedom.

This transit is especially significant if there are Pluto or Scorpio planets in the vocational picture natally—the 2nd, 6th, 10th, or aspecting the Midheaven.

People with these features in their charts are prone to dramatic career turns, for better or for worse, especially under transits to the Midheaven, natal vocational planets, or natal Pluto. Those who engage in self-destructive rounds of hardball may crash and burn under transits to the vocational sectors.

If they’re evolving past those negative behaviors, they’re capable of amazing turnarounds—the Phoenix rising from its own ashes.

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Rob Hand, in Planets in Transit, writes, “During the next several years your values will undergo a complete metamorphosis which will affect both your personal possessions on the material plane and your sense of values on the psychological level.”

This concept of Pluto’s metamorphosis of one’s values in the psychological sense is a huge thing as far as I’m concerned. We call Pluto the planet of death and destruction, describe it as tearing down and rebuilding, but the moment we see it in a place where our finances are involved, we seem to lose sight of what’s really going on.

Hand has a marvelous description of the process which “may include major changes in your financial picture over the next several years. The most upsetting aspect of this change is that quite frequently it begins with a breakdown phase, in which you may have to get along with much less in the way of resources…” The hardest thing for one to accept at this time is what happens to you and your money has nothing to do with how much you can or will control. This is Pluto’s domain about as much as it gets. We in the Western world speak of free will, and it’s still free will but if one thinks that free will includes maintaining all control over finances and other areas of life wherever Pluto is touching, the entire point is lost. We look at the chart and analyze it for what is seen in the forecast as it relates to one’s continuing to be master of one’s own ship and think that means we can go blindly forward without a care in the world.

I often speak of the individual as a child here because it enables one to see the patterns: Mom cleans your room, and she may throw out things that she decides you don’t need anymore. If you go to the curb and try to get those things back, you know already what the consequences will be. Therefore, you make the decision based on whether or not you feel you want to test your limits by bucking the system. That is, in a nutshell, Pluto and what’s happening with Pluto in the 2nd house.

It’s actually a temporary phase that will wax and wane according to your growth. If you fight it, you will only delay what certainly feels like the inevitable. It’s meant as a period of growth despite that it won’t be your money that’s doing the growing. This is about your inner growth as well as your perspectives toward what you own, the things you value, and your income. Hand sums it up well: “Only our inner values are within our total control.”

This is ultimately a difficult but critically important test that’s wise for all of us to learn.

Hope that helps.

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You may desire greater material security during this period. Initially you may suffer severe loss or destruction of personal property, or severe reversals of fortune. As you recover financial control, you may become more involved in joint finances, corporate funds, taxes, insurance, and pensions. You may become increasingly resourceful and find new uses for outworn or discarded things. You hunt for ways to regenerate wealth and build security.

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