Saturn transiting 8th house?


It’s a friend of mine has it and I wonder if this is the reason why he has problems raising money for his second movie, even though the first one was successful. Saturn is in the first house in the birth chart (conjunction with Sun) and it doesn’t make any aspects to other planets from the 8th house. Thanks.


In a more general sense, Saturn transiting in the 8th house ALWAYS shows a person in debt which makes a person worrisome and theire is less money coming in. On the downside, the year is never good when Saturn is in 8th house. Speculations, investments, buying of shares or whatever is NEVER good in this transit. Don’t forget that the 8th is the 2nd house from the 7th and indicates other peoples money, partnerships etc… I suspect the person is approx. 30 or 33 yrs old or in his 60’s (2nd Saturn return). This is the end of the 1rst saturn return. Things will get better.

Having pointed this out, the transit itself is not enough to give a good reading. I would need info on the Solar return like, in what natal house the Solar Ascendant falls in. In what natal house the MC falls in. In what sign does the Solar Ascendant fall in. Are their any conjunctions betwen Sun and other planets. Finally, which planet planet rules the Solar Ascendant and in what house is it in. And in what house is the ruler of the natal 10th placed in the Solar return.

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Thanks. It kind of gets complicated with the solar return. Yes, he completely depends on others people money and you would expect because of his success that it would be easy, but it’s not happening. Maybe he is gaining somewhere else something else, some saturnian wisdom…


While I do not know the persons age, the READING does have an effect. An 8 yr. old with this transit means nothing. But a 25 yr or a 45 yr old would have important bearing especially, at maturity. Saturn rules old age and because it is situated in the 3rd quadrant, it will have a ery strong effect at maturity more than anyhing else.

Having said this, if the person is older and has learnt some of the lessons of Saturn, he may suffer on the material plan but gain wisdom if he relates to the lessons of Saturn.

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With Saturn transiting eight house one discovers his deepest desires and attachments. Saturn will definitely bring one face-to-face with all the fears at any level related to 8th house issues: power & control, intimate relationships, shared finances and sex.

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This is what Hand’s book is telling us about Saturn transiting the 8th house:

“You have just finished a phase of intense encounter with others, which has enabled you to define yourself by becoming aware of how you deal with people. This phase is more or less finished, and now the question arises of what all this is for. During this time, you are likely to review the changes you have gone through in the years since Saturn crosses your Ascendant and to look for a pattern in it. Through this analysis, you hope to arrive at an understanding of where you are going. This process and learning to understanding other peoples resources and values will prepare you for the transit of Saturn conjunct the Midheaven, which will happen in a few years. Also, you will learn the limitations of your own resources and the degree to which you have to cooperate with and depend upon others.”

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