SR chart.. can someone pls interpret my 9th house this is V important to me


Hey~ This is my SR chart .. this year was supposed to be my first year at college but I’ve got a major that i don’t like AT ALL.. so basically I stayed at home didn’t want to go to college and didn’t attend any of my exams i hate my college everything sucks in there .. (I signed in August 2016) so now in 1 or 2 months college starts again (a whole new year)… I have to go there and get/prepare my papers to sign again this year as a (first year) student…….. now the question is will I be able change\choose another major\university? I don’t want to get stuck in sth that i don’t like :( Is there any good thing that’s going to happen this year?? any thoughts on my chart??I want you to give me any LIKE ANY kind interpretations to this chart please????!!!! It’s kinda hard for me to interpret. Thank you so much in advance♥ (and sorry for my bad English it’s not my first language) Image Alt Text

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It definitely looks like a year of change for you. The SR Moon is conjunct your natal North Node in your natal 9th house which does indicate possible big changes in the areas represented by the 9th house which includes university education. The SR North Node is conjunct the natal midheaven which also suggests change in circumstances in term of professional/social standing. The upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st at 29 Leo is exactly conjunct your natal Mercury and your natal IC. Eclipse on IC suggests a change in residence or living circumstances. The same eclipse will oppose the SR Moon which in the SR chart rules the IC, reiterating the same theme. I think a change in residence is very much on the card this year. Given that both natal and SR North Nodes are involved in aspects suggests that the change is appropriate for your evolution regardless of how you perceive the change subjectively. Part of the reason why you feel hesitant /doubtful about this step is likely due to Saturn in the SR 9th house. It is generally a well aspected Saturn but Saturn even when well aspected can create a sense of doom. It will be hard work but there are plenty of supportive aspects.

Answered 6 months ago

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