Stilum in 10 th house


Hi, I wanted to know about my daughter horoscope. She has 6 planets in 10 th house with aquarious sign. 6 planates are sun, moon, mercury, ketu, venus, neptune all together with no 11 . however in 4 th house occupied by jupiter/ rahu and 7th house by mars/saturn. name- Ateesha date of birth- 8 march 2016 time- 11:30 AM. place- gurgaon haryana india Please tell me consequences of stilum in 10 th house of my daugther. Thanks


A Stellium is a great focus point as all the energy is driven to that house. That means that is daughter may have interest in pursuing a career that has to do with technology or bringing some value to humanity as a whole. Innovative and beyond the obvious, she has the potential to be very clever and forward thinking.

With the great Benefic Jupiter and Rahu at the opposite house, which is the place of home suggest that all that innovative potential developed at that 10th house, can be used at her home place. All the knowledge and wisdom she will get from the outside world will be in good use in her homeland. She might grew up in a spiritual home as well where knowledge is important. This is a tiny perspective looking only at the stelium side. She has great potential.

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